miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #46

Can Wonder Woman face the Dark Gods?

Cheetah has been freed from Veronica Cale's control and now she's willing to gain the power of the entities that have reached to her.

This run continues and while it has been far from impressive, this issue is not half-bad.

James Robinson opens a new arc which hopefully will be less editorially-mandated. It focuses on a new threat based on proper Wonder Woman mythos which explores the idea of God and creates an interesting contrast with the death of the deities that happened during the last few stories. The pacing works appropriately and the plot delivers intriguing surprises towards the end.

I have a few problems with the portrayal of Cheetah but that's mostly because Robinson is basing his characterization from the misguiden reinvention of Greg Rucka that turned Wonder Woman's antagonist into a weak person who lacks any sort of control and keeps being manipulated by others. The use of Cale makes sense based on their past though.

Stephen Segovia handles the art and is stunning thanks to beautiful characters and kinetic style.

Not bad overall, hope it improves from now on.

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