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Some thoughts about Worlds' Blandest Annual #1

An early story about Helena and Kara when they were Robin and Supergirl respectively.

What you see is what you get.

Some thoughts about Batman and Robin Annual #2

A moment from the past reminisced by two persons who lost someone really important.

Bruce has just discovered a little gift that Damian left before his death and is something that has a relation with Dick Grayson's time as Robin.

Some thoughts about Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. #4

Can the recently formed new A.R.G.U.S team find the Justice League before the Secret Society destroys them?

Steve Trevor along with the different people he has been recluting will have to try their best to survive if they want to find the secret headquarters from their organization and disvering the key to save the rest fo the superheroes.

Some thoughts about Justice League Dark #27

The fight against Blight comes to its climax.

The Justice League Dark have exhausted every possibility that they had to defeat the current menace and their only hope resides in the soul of a boy. However, there's also another problem, where are Zatanna and the others?

Some thoughts about Green Lantern Corps Annual #2

The war against the Green Lantern Corps has just began and it's already one of the biggest events that they have ever faced.

The Durlans, the Khund and a whole roster of the most dangerous villains in the universe are united to destroy the Corps and if they want to survive they will need to forma an alliance with the same people they have been fighting for years.

Some thoughts about Red Lanterns #27

The Red Lanterns are about to go to earth, can anything good come from it?

After losing one of his comrades, Guy Gardner has decided to change his look and go back home to visit one of the most important persons in his life, Ice. However, she might not be so happy to see him.

Some thoughts about The Flash #27

The Flash is about to dwell into a mystery that has a connection to the past of the Gem Cities.

Barry Allen is currently investigating about a murder case that for some reason some people don't want him to discover. Could it have something to do with his mother's murder or is just an excuse to find some reason to his tragedy?

Some thoughts about Aquaman #27

Can Aquaman save the people of Iceland from one of the most horrible creatures that they have ever seen?

The Karaqan has awaken and is willing to destroy everything on its path, Arthur will have to use all of his abilities to try to stop it and by doing so he will learn that there are much bigger events unfolding in front of him.

Some thoughts about Earth 2 Annual #2

Bruce Wayne had a pretty different relationship with his parents from what most people believe.

Joe Chill didn't shoot them just for Martha's pearl necklace, the Waynes' murder wasn't merely due to a rob, the creation of Batman happened for a reason and so the new Batman has also a reason to exist.

miércoles, 22 de enero de 2014

Some thoughts about Animal Man #27

After being chosen by the true sovereign of The Red, Animal Man is ready to face the monsters that are threatening it but could his new powers be enough?

Maxine is still dealing with the loss of his brother Cliff and she will have to learn that is necessary to accept certain aspects from life and move on. However, there are much bigger problems since Brother Blood has finally found her.

Some thoughts about Batwoman #27

Batwoman's life has certainly been hard.

Thanks to the toxin of the Wolf Spider, Kate is reminiscing all of her most painful moments or those that just exists on her head.

Some thoughts about Supergirl #27

After apparently killing Lobo, Supergirl will have to deal with the consequences.

The only person in the world who can help her is Doctor Veritas, unfortunately she has her own problems with strange evil beings.

Some thoughts about Green Lantern: New Guardians #27

Fighting against an alien civilization, just another day in the life of Kyle Rayner.

Exeter, the keeper of the anomaly that was holding Relic, is back and he will need the help of both Kyle and Carol if they want to defeat a threat that is dangerously affecting his race.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #27

Wonder Woman and Hermes will have to work together again if they want to find Zola and her baby.

The mischievous words of Strife caused Zola to start considering herself as a burden and run away from Diana. However, this could result to be much more dangerous for her since the Gods rarely forget their mission.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #2

Harley Quinn, defender of animal rights! No matter if she has a stuffed beaver as her pet.

Harley is still trying to find who put a hit on her head. However, there are more importants matters at hand since she will have to deal with her new pets and she will need the special assistance of her good old friend Poison Ivy for that.

Some thoughts about Justice League #27

Heroes are falling around the world due to the Crime Syndicate and the next team to face them is the Doom Patrol, could they fare any better?

Victor Stone is barely alive after being separated from his cyborg components that created Grid and now that only way to save earth and himself is to build a new body. Enter Cyborg 2.0.

miércoles, 15 de enero de 2014

Some thoughts about Superman/Wonder Woman #4

The secret is out, Superman and Wonder Woman's relationship has been revealed around the world, how will the people react?

Clark knows that his current romance with Diana can become problematic but both are willing to take a chance even if others don't approve of it. Unfortunately, that may not be their worst problem since Zod has been suspiciously calm about his most recent imprisonment.

Some thoughts about Uncanny X-Men #16

Could Magneto still represent one of the most dangerous mutants alive?

Erik has been a broken man since the events of the Phoenix Force, ending as just a pale shadow from what he used to be. Is he willing to demonstrate the rest of the world that they're wrong?

Some thoughts about Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #4

The Flash's villains Vs. Batman's villains, you can't get better than that.

The Rogues are about to face the most psychotic criminals in the world, do they have what it takes to defeat them or will they have to sacrifice one of their own to escape?

Some thoughts about All-New X-Men #21

The X-Men are about to get into conflict with a crazy religious cult. It's deja vu all over again.

Dr. Stryker wants his revenge due to the death of his father years ago and it's willing to destroy the team to accomplish it. What he doesn't know is that this is a quite different group of mutants.

Some thoughts about Green Lantern Corps #27

The sudden attack of the Durlans is being felt around the universe.

The rest of the Green Lantern Corps are just realizing that the universe has just declared war against their organization after the race of shapeshifters supplanted Hal Jordan. However, that's not their only plan to destroy the Corps since they're also uniting the most dangerous villains in the universe to attack them.

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #11

Martian Manhunter and Stargirl finally learned the fate of the Justice League but now how they will be able to help them?

Some thoughts about Suicide Squad #27

After being betrayed by one of their own, the Suicide Squad knows that they need to fight the current threat but most of them are just thinking about getting their hands on the traitor.

Trying to escape from the whole mountain that was thrown into them, the team will have to cooperate if they want to survive, but of course, not all of them will.

Some thoughts about Justice League 3000 #2

The recently reborn Justice League believe that they can handle every threat that exists but can they handle someone who is able to alter the universe?

domingo, 12 de enero de 2014

What can DC Comics do to re-attain the original image of the New 52?

Hey, remember when DC decided to reinvigorate their line of books and the whole industry by getting rid of all the unnecessarily complicated continuity and getting brand new talent to create bold and promising premises?

Whatever happened to that?

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Highly anticipating on January 15th 2014

In the following order:

Recommendations from the week January 8th 2014

In the following order:

Some thoughts about Afterlife with Archie #3

Archie and the rest of his friends are trying to survive the zombie attack by hidden in Veronica's mansion, but is it truly safe?

The desperation is starting to be felt in Riverdale due to the horrific threat that is affecting them. The classic cast will have to put their differences aside and appreciate the good moments that they have left since they could be their last.

Some thoughts about Detective Comics #27

It's time to celebrate Batman's first appearance in this special anniversary issue.

From his early steps as the Caped Crusader, a retrospective about his different incarnations over the eras, an insight about his motivations and visions from alternate futures, Batman will continue fighting against criminals no matter what.

miércoles, 8 de enero de 2014

Some thoughts about Young Avengers #15

The Young Avengers are having their final celebration as a team.

Relationships will be broken and revisited, sexualities will be questioned and mysteries will be revealed while also appreciating the time they got together.

Some thoughts about Avengers World #1

Thanos' menace has passed and now this world belongs to the Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

The Avengers are working much more closely to S.H.I.E.L.D. due to the most recent events and it seems like this could mark a brand new era for the world. However, a new threat is willing to challenge the team for the control of earth.

Some thoughts about The Movement #8

The final battle against The Graveyard Faction could prove to be truly disastrous.

Mouse has been heavily injured and Vengeance Moth is about to suffer an even worse fate. Now, the remaining members of The Movement will have to face this twisted team of metahumans if they want to survive.

Some thoughts about Action Comics #27

The little alien creature that Superman discovered could have a connection with a bigger problem that is about to come.

Clark is learning that he may have a bigger connection to this new specimen that he initally thought. Meanwhile, Lana Lang's investigation will take her to a hidden civilization whose habitants will prove to be a threat even for Superman.

Some thoughts about Green Lantern #27

The menace of the Durlans is finally going to alter the Green Lantern Corps's image in the universe.

There's no secret that Hal Jordan hasn't been the best leader, he has been making some serious mistakes and tried to fix them in his way. However, things are about to get even more complicated when a race of shapeshifters have invaded his group and are planning to destroy his position even more.

Some thoughts about Earth 2 #19

Batman's team are about to receive a new member.

Superman's is destroying the world along with the hope of its people by decimating their Wonders.and Batman will have to release another prisoner if he wants to have a possibilty against this threat. However, not everything is lost, a hero will return to aid them and another will prove that he's way too strong to stay dead.

Some thoughts about Green Arrow #27

Ollie is about to learn the most shocking secret about his time on the island.

Green Arrow and Shado have just been encountered by the Shield Clann and their terrifying leader Kodiak. To defeat them, Ollie will have to face the truth, nothing has ever been an accident about his life and the person who has been manipulating him for so long is finally revealed.

miércoles, 1 de enero de 2014

Highly anticipating on January 8th 2014

In the following order:
  1. Green Arrow #27
  2. Earth 2 #19
  3. Action Comics #27
  4. Green Lantern #27
  5. The Movement #8
Nice way to start the year!