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Some thoughts about Transformers: More than Meets the Eye #42 (Vlog)

Some thoughts about Daredevil #16

Daredevil will need to make one of the hardest decisions in his life.

Matt's life has been threatened a lot recently since his identity was revealed and to try to save his loved ones he will need to make a deal with one of the most dangerous men that he has ever met not knowing that such man might have plans on his own.

Some thoughts about Loki: Agent of Asgard #15

The Gods of Asgard will have to make one last stand.

King Loki is ready to make a war against his own people and the only way to stop him will be with the death of a God. Meanwhile, the other Loki will have to make his own plans.

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #9

Superboy has been accused of murder and the Teen Titans will have to prove his innocence despite that it might seem really difficult.

The team are still dealing with the ramifications of their newly found fame while Manchester Black is planning to torn their friendship apart with their own version of the Teen Titans.

Some thoughts about Transformers: More than Meets the Eye #42

One of the best aspects from the Lost Light's crew could be their downfall.

A strange horde of creatures are attacking the people inside the Vis Vitalis and infecting them with a dangerous virus and the only way they will survive this is with the help of their captains.

Some thoughts about The Flash #41

There's a new Fastest Man Alive in town!

Barry Allen has suddenly found a clue about who the true culprit of his mother's death is but his father is not willing to tell him the truth. Even worse is that Professor Zoom is coming and nobody knows his real intentions.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #41

Aquaman will need to escape from his own people once again.

Arthur is currently trying to save the surface world from the attacks of Atlantis that for some reason are persecuting him and he wants to survive their attacks he will need to join with other people with similar objectives as his.

Some thoughts about Transformers: Windblade #4

The Combiner Wars is over but the problems aren't.

Windblade is trying to make al the colonies from her planet to get along but it's proving to be more difficult than what she could have imagined. Now, to try to convince the people from Velocitron she will need to play by their own rules.

Some thoughts about Green Lantern: Lost Army #1

The Green Lanterns are lost and there might be no chance of surviving.

John Stewart and his team are currently in a pretty strange and dangerous situation and they don't know who is the culprit in the first place. Although, there's a big suspicion that recently arrived Krona might be involved.

Some thoughts about We Are Robin #1

Gotham City doesn't have Batman but it still has people to protect it.

Duke has lost his parents after the last Joker attack and his situation has become more and more complicated with everyday that the people of Gotham doesn't do anything to find them. Now, he will need to take care of this mission himself while getting the help of others with similar motivations.

Some thoughts about Superman #41

What happened to Superman before the truth?

Clark and Jimmy were on a mission just when everything suddenly started to change, someone already figured out Clark's secret identity and was ready to reveal it to the world if he doesn't do what is asking for.

Some thoughts about Grayson #9

There are new rules in the game.

Matron has been chosen as the new leader of Spyral and this might change the whole direction of the organization. However, there are bigger matters at hand since someone has been impersonating Dick and is killing different agents around the world.

Some thoughts about Batgirl #41

Batgirl will not only have to deal with her own enemies but also with her own family.

James Gordon has revealed to Barbara that he's the new Batman and she doesn't know how to take such fact. Now, once that Livewire starts her attack, things will get even more complicated for both of them.

Some thoughts about Justice League 3001 #1

The Justice League continue their mission in a time they're not accustomed to.

The team are trying to fight the menace of Starro despite that they don't know what kind of rules the being plays with. Now, not only newcomer member Guy Gardner could make things worse but also they will have to worry about Lois Lane and how she has been impersonating their own leader.

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Some thoughts about Transformers #42 (Vlog)

Aquaman #41 Preview

Batgirl #41 Preview

Teen Titans #9 Preview

The Flash #41 Preview

Justice League 3001 #1 Preview

Loki: Agent of Asgard #15 Preview

Daredevil #16 Preview

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Some thoughts about Black Canary #1 (Vlog)

Some thoughts about Ms. Marvel #16

A planet is about to crash to Earth but that's not the only thing that Ms. Marvel has to worry about.

Kamala has been suffering a lot due to the recent events including her most recent crush becoming a supervillain who is decided to hunt her own family to get what he wants. If Kamala wants to stop him she will need the help of the person she admires the most.

Some thoughts about Doomed #1

Can a common guy escape from being completely doomed?

Reiser just received a simple yet intriguing role in S.T.A.R. Labs which was one of his biggest dreams. However, that dream is about to turn into a nightmare once that one of the experiments he was part of goes wrong.

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #1

The Justice League of America will have to deal with one of the biggest threats they have ever faced.

Someone has been summoning the members from the team and Superman is the most affected by it due that it seems like a being has been killing him all over the different dimensions. Soon he will learn that this could be even worse than he imagined.

Some thoughts about Secret Six #3

The Secret Six are suddenly free and the city is going to pay for it.

Big Shot has allowed the rest of the group to stay in his house but they're not really accustomed to be in a neighborhood nor next to each other for that matter. However, there might be something even more important that they should be concerned about aside from their social skills.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #41

Wonder Woman has assumed her role as the Queen of the Amazons, now she needs a costume to reflect such act.

After defeating Donna Troy, Diana wants to make her get over her hate and regrets but it won't be easy considering her whole nature. However, that's not her only problem since someone wants to rob her role as the God of War.

Some thoughts about Superman/Wonder Woman #18

Superman has lost his secret identity, how will that affect his relationship with Wonder Woman?

Clark and Diana are decided to try to make this change work despite of what it might represent and despite that a lot of people don't trust Clark anymore. Now, someone is attacking him in a personal level and both will have to face such threat.

Some thoughts about Martian Manhunter #1

The Martian Manhunter arrived to Earth for a reason but nobody has been able to figure it... yet.

J'onn J'onnz always wanted to fit into what the people from this world consider normal but recently he had an epiphany that could change the course of his life and the life of the people from Earth forever.

Some thoughts about Transformers #42

The Combiner War has ended and now the real conflict is about to start.

Prowl has become more and more dangerous with each new decision he has taken and Optimus is finally decided to confront him personally. Their battle could decide the future of Cybertron.

Some thoughts about Prez #1

The future of the nation depends on social media.

The government is tired of having unpopular candidates and being outdated with their choices so now they will allow the different people from the internet to compete for the role of President. However, even if they find the right choice things could get even more complicated.