miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Batwoman #15

Can Batwoman save her sister from herself?

Alice has gone mad again and is ready to take the entire city unless Kate or somebody else stops her.

I know I'm getting repetitive as hell talking about this book but I honest to God don't find any other reason to say anything different here.

Marguerite Bennett offers a new installment where she explores more of the relationship between Kate and Beth which is an already established theme of this series and protagonist fair enough but I just wish it did it in a more interesting way. There's nothing here that hasn't been said before in the past and in more compelling ways. Hell, I think that even Marc Andreyko, despite of how misguided his run could be at times, did more creative ways with Beth like his intention to turn her into a hero. Here, Beth the constant demented victim which we have seen too much about in the past.

Worst of all is that this is connected to the always boring island that for some reason Bennett can't simply let go. Every reference that she includes in the story puts me off the read due that it reminds me of one of the most boring things that I've ever experienced.

Fernando Blanco's art continues to be amazing though and there's a particular segment of storytelling that looks like classic tale which is simply fantastic.

Other than that, just end already please.

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