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Some thoughts about The Multiversity Guidebook #1 (Vlog)

Some thoughts about Aquaman #38

Aquaman will have to face some of the biggest dangers that he could imagine.

Both Arthur and Mera have just enter into the territory of the Fire Trolls and they have decided to stop them from going further. Nonetheless, what awaits Arthur is the last person he could have expected.

Some thoughts about G.I. Zombie #6

The G.I. Zombie has just infiltrated the facility of the terrorists but that might not be enough to stop them.

After being separated for so long, it seems like Jared is finally going to meet his partner again but despite of how capable he is, the people he's fighting against are even more ruthless.

Some thoughts about Uncanny Avengers #1

The Avengers have survived yet another catastrophic event, but there are more yet to come.

Both Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch have just discovered that they're not Magneto's children after all these years and that presents many more questions. Now, helped with many new members of the team, both humans and mutants will continue to work together to save the world.

Some thoughts about Secret Origins #9

New origins, new perspectives.

What makes Alec Holland so important to the Green? What are the past and future of Power Girl? What's is the true nature of John Stewart?

Some thoughts about The Flash #38

The Future Flash continues his own way of justice but it needs to stop.

Barry has been lost in the Speed Force for too long and he has decided to escape no matter what. Meanwhile, the future version of him is still abusing of his power and that could be his downfall.

Some thoughts about Catwoman #38

Selina keeps succumbing to her new environment.

After committing a terrible action that changed the relationship with everyone arounds her, Selina is decided to continue the path of a cold and calculating woman who won't let anyone stop her, not even Batman.

Some thoughts about Justice League Dark #38

Can the Justice League Dark survive the travel between realities?

Zatanna has been suffering after being lost in a dimension where her dreams can become true, but soon she will realize that it's not reality and she will need to do whatever she can to make her friends live.

Some thoughts about Infinity Man and the Forever People #7

The Forever People have fought a lot of battles lately but they apparently have been missing their whole mission.

After contemplating the most recent events that have been occurring, some of the members of the group start to question if their objective was really achieved. However, they will learn there bigger things to worry about.

Some thoughts about Futures End #39

Things continue to get complicated to our heroes.

Firestorm continues to try to reason with the Justice League as well as including Doctor Polaris in her plans. Fifty-Sue's keeps wanting to have her family. The last days of Frankenstein are beginning.

Some thoughts about Earth 2: World's End #17

War, war, war...

Power Girl is trying to save Huntress' life. Sonia Sato is trying to save the people she can. Apokolips continues its invasion.

Some thoughts about The Multiversity Guidebook #1

Are you ready to learn the true nature of comic books?

Universes are currently dying and one full of innocence is the latest victim. There's something hiding inside of it though, the history of the creation of the Multiverse as well as its infinite secrets.

Some thoughts about Batman #38

Batman is going to learn the dark secrets of this city as well as the Joker's.

Gotham has been contantly under attacks after the Joker decided to go full force into it, but there's soemthing deeper hidden here, a strange substance that has been giving the Joker his powers since the creation of the city. To defeat him, Batman will have to work with people he hates.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #14

Harley has been a lot of different things lately but is that for the better?

Between her job as a psychiatrist, playing in the skate club and trying to handle a romantic life, is a surprise that she can manage all those things. The problem is that she actually can't and she's going to discover it the hard way.

Some thoughts about Red Lanterns #38

Guy Gardner is back on earth but can he handle it?

After the last battle against Atrocitus, many people have been corrupted by the Red Ring of Rage and they're starting to act as unreasonable maniacs. Guy will have to learn that to save them, he will need to do the worst as usual.

Some thoughts about Gotham Academy #4

The secrets of Gotham Academy continue to be unveiled.

Olive Silverlock is currently investigating about the strange appearance of a mysterious boy who has been helping her and by doing so she will discover that there are beings inside of the academy that could be more dangerous than mere ghosts.

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G.I. Zombie #6 Preview

Batman #38 Preview

Catwoman #38 Preview

Gotham Academy #4 Preview

Deathstroke #4 Preview

Earth 2: World's End #17 Preview

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Some thoughts about The Transformers #37 (Vlog)

Justice League Dark #38 Preview

Futures End #39 Preview

Secret Origins #9 Preview

Infinity Man and the Forever People #7 Preview

Aquaman #38 Preview

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Some thoughts about The Transformers: Punishment (Vlog)

The Multiversity Guidebook #1 Preview

The Flash #38 Preview

Harley Quinn #14 Preview

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Some thoughts about Loki: Agent of Asgard #10

Loki has managed to escape from all the dangers that have threatened him but he can't escape from the truth.

After returning from the events that made him unable to lie, Loki will have to face and once for all reveal to Thor what truly happened to his old self. The result could destroy their relationship forever.

Some thoughts about Batwoman #38

Batwoman's worl continues to become even stranger.

After succumbing to Nocturna's spell, Kate has become much more violent but that's not the only problem since Morgaine Le Fey is attacking the people of Gotham City and to stop her, Kate will have to join other terrifying beings.

Some thoughts about Superior Iron Man #4

Tony Stark continues to give people what they want for a price.

Extremis 3.0 has become really popular due to its abilities of giving perfection to their users. However, Daredevil knows that there's something more dangerous about the whole deal and he needs to stop Tony no matter what.

Some thoughts about Earth 2: World's End #16

The heroes continue losing.

Kal-El has made the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends and now the fate of Earth 2 is at the hands of the rest of the Wonders but that apparently won't be enough.

Some thoughts about Futures End #38

Their lifes are in peril.

The Batman/Joker creature is threatening everyone. Doctor Polaris and Firestorm make a deal. Frankenstein and Amethyst are trying to survive.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #38

What are the consequences of being the God of War?

Diana is constantly having of violence and death and she is starting to realize that the most recent events are changing her. The Amazons are not really in a good state either since they feel like they need another person to lead them.

Some thoughts about The Transformers #37

Prowl's plans are starting to be revealed and it could be terrible for everyone.

Galvatron and Arcee have learned that they have more in common than they thought. Meanwhile, Prowl has decided to make a deal with Spike to obtain the Enigma of Combination but by doing so, they will need to be sacrifices.

Some thoughts about The Transformers: Punishment

The war might be over but for some it never ends.

Optimus Prime has been investigating the murders of some Decepticons while at the same time reconnecting to his old friend Sandstorm. However, once that the victims start to increase, Optimus will learn that no one really is innocent here.

Some thoughts about Red Hood and the Outlaws #38

Crux is back but not all is what it seems.

Jason has decided he needs the help of one of his own enemies to find Starfire. However, he will be surprised to know that this is what Crux actually wanted and Kory is about to face an even bigger danger.

Some thoughts about Supergirl #38

What are the mysteries of the Crucible Academy?

Kara is trying to save one of his friend's family and world. Nonetheless, the battle will bring her back once again to earth where she will learn where Superboy has been hiding and that other people want him.