miércoles, 31 de julio de 2019

Some thoughts about Justice League Dark Annual #1

Who is the new Guardian of the Green?

Swamp Thing has learned that the Parliament of Flowers has chosen a new protector and he's not going to let another person go through his same path.

Some thoughts about Red Hood: Outlaw Annual #3

Whatever happened to Bizarro and Artemis?

Jason has been suffering because of the apparent death of his friends but what he doesn't know is that they actually ended-up in a much different reality.

Some thoughts about The Green Lantern Annual #1

Can the Jordan family save the world?

A mysterious creature has appeared at a family meeting and Hal Jr. believes that he can help his cousin with this problem from another reality but things are not as simple as they seem.

miércoles, 24 de julio de 2019

Some thoughts about Batman: Curse of the White Knight #1

Gotham needs its White Knight once again.

After Jack Napier saved the city, Batman is not sure if they need him anymore and things are bound to become even worse once that the Joker recruits a zealot for his mission.

Some thoughts about The Terrifics #18

This might be the final challenge for The Terrifics.

The team is trying to defeat their best to defeat this God-like entity but even if they manage to do so, their problems are just starting.

Some thoughts about Justice League Dark #13

Who can help the Justice League Dark?

The team needs to prepare for an upcoming war and to do so they will need to recruit as many powerful beings as they can find no matter the danger they represent.

Some thoughts about Batgirl #37

Can Batgirl survive Killer Moth?

Barbara is suddenly having a hard time with one of her oldest enemies but that's far from her biggest concern since one of her oldest entities is about to return too.

Some thoughts about Dial H for Hero #5

The Heroverse is in danger.

Mister Thunderbolt's plans have come into fruition and now both Miguel and Robby will have to find a way to stop him before is too late.

Some thoughts about The Flash #75

How can The Flash save the future?

Barry has finally realized that hope is the strongest weapon he has and thus Central City and him are willing to fight for their fate no matter what is coming next.

Some thoughts about Freedom Fighters #7

The Plasstic Men are getting more dangerous.

The Freedom Fighters are hiding from the Ratzis without knowing that one of the people involved has sold them out.

Some thoughts about Action Comics #1013

Who is going to take the offer next?

Lex Luthor is recruiting supervillains around the world and now he has arrived to Metropolis. Meanwhile, Superman is still trying to figure out who is Leviathan.

miércoles, 17 de julio de 2019

Some thoughts about Transformers #9

Cybertronians continue to fall.

People are starting to change sides and the murder investigation is leading to more conflict that could cause even more deaths.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #50

Is Aquaman ready to return home?

Arthur has finally remembered who he is and is going to regain his life but first of all he needs to know what is going to happen between Mera and him.

Some thoughts about Justice League #28

Whatever happened to Lex Luthor?

Perpetua's influence has been so strong that she has been able to convince Lex her plans are the only way to save universe and this could mean doom for the Justice League.

Some thoughts about Batman #75

Who controls Gotham City?

A lot has changed in Gotham during Bruce's absence, villains are the ones keeping the city safe and all of this is because of one single person.

Some thoughts about Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #1

Jimmy Olsen has a weird life.

People at the Daily Planet are tired of having to endure the bizarre events in Jimmy's daily routing and thus they're taking him to another place but that could be for the worse.

jueves, 11 de julio de 2019

Some thoughts about Wonder Twins #6

Can the Wonder Twins save the world from itself?

The Scrambler is ready to take over the entire planet and neither Zan nor Jayna know what to do which might not be the worst thing actually.

Some thoughts about Catwoman #13

Can Catwoman save her loved ones?

Creel's plans have come to fruition and she's ready to destroy everyone in Selina's life and to stop that from happening Selina will have to put her own life at risk.

miércoles, 10 de julio de 2019

Some thoughts about Batman & the Outsiders #3

Can the Outsiders trust Batman?

Ra's Al Ghul might be able to gain a new follower meanwhile the Outsiders are being attacked by someone pretty close to them.

Some thoughts about Justice League Odyssey #11

What's happening to Cyborg?

The whole team has been influenced by Darkseid since the beginning and this is much clearer in Victor who is starting to show his connection to the New God.

Some thoughts about Superman #13

What is the secret behind Krypton's destruction?

Jor-El tried to do his best from making people listen about the peril his planet was facing but nobody heard and everything could be related to Rogol Zaar.

Some thoughts about Hawkman #14

Who is in Hawkman's shadows?

Carter has been having nightmares and this could lead to an encounter to a forgotten enemy.

Some thoughts about Red Hood: Outlaw #36

Red Hood's life is about to change once again.

Jason's empire is over once that The Penguin returns. However, this might be the push he needed to get his life in a new direction although it might not be the best one.

Some thoughts about Naomi #6

What is Naomi's future?

Naomi has finally learned the truth about her parents disappearance and she will have to face the person responsible for it but this is only the beginning for her.

Some thoughts about Young Justice #7

Where will Young Justice arrive now?

The team is currently lost in the Multiverse and they will visit several bizarre places where they might find what they have been looking for.

Some thoughts about Batman #74

Is Batman Vs. Batman.

Thomas has taken Bruce to a place where he believes he can help his son but what he doesn't know is that Bruce doesn't really need him to be better.