lunes, 24 de junio de 2019

The Flash #73 Preview

Action Comics #1012 Preview

Justice League Dark #12 Preview

Dial H for Hero #4 Preview

The Terrifics #17 Preview

Wonder Woman #73 Preview

jueves, 20 de junio de 2019

Some thoughts about Aquaman #49

What torn apart Aquaman and Mera?

Arthur is finally remembering his past and so he will remind of the most important woman in his life but such memories will also bring many sad ones.

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #31

Crush is finally meeting her father.

Someone has contacted Lobo and told him against his supposed daughter and now he's ready to get rid of her just like he did with the rest.

miércoles, 19 de junio de 2019

Some thoughts about Justice League #26

What is the upcoming story of the Justice League?

J'onn believes he needs to explore his recently found past while Hawkgirl thinks her destiny is to ultimately destroy her lover.

Some thoughts about Batman #73

Can Thomas Wayne help his son?

Thomas is taking Bruce to a place he thinks it can help him. However, Bruce is not so sure about all of this.

Some thoughts about Superman: Year One #1

Can Clark Kent handle his own abilities?

Jonathan and Martha Kent received a mysterious baby and they're going to teach him how to face life the best way they can despite that they don't know what their new son is capable of.

jueves, 13 de junio de 2019

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #72

Can Wonder Woman and her allies face the horde of monsters?

Supernatural creatures continue to appear and is up to Diana to find out a way to escape with her new friends but even if they do so, their problems are far from over.

Some thoughts about Justice League Odyssey #10

What is happening to the Justice League?

Jessica believes her teammates are being influenced by Darkseid in many ways and that could be true since they all are following his exact same orders.

miércoles, 12 de junio de 2019

Some thoughts about Hawkman #13

War is eternal.

Carter can't help but reminisce yet another of his previous lives where he was forced to be part of an army to fight against another race and he was the only one who could find a solution.

Some thoughts about Transformers #7

The murders continue to increase.

Rubble has been the latest victim and now Bumblebee doesn't know what to do anymore which will be more problematic once that he faces the Ascenticons.

Some thoughts about Wonder Twins #5

Can things truly change?

Filo Math is trying to find the best solution to save his family but bigoted people won't make things any easy.

Some thoughts about The Flash #72

Is time for The Flash to live the present.

After his short journey to the future, Barry has decided to make every second of his life matter but what he doesn't know is that the end could come at any second.

Some thoughts about Catwoman #12

How can Catwoman save her loved ones?

Selina has just helped Carlos escape from the cops but Creel is willing to make their lives even worse.

Some thoughts about Batman & the Outsiders #2

The Outsiders are on their own.

Black Lightning is worried that Batman is not supporting his team as he should just when they need him the most because the Demon is about to attack.

Some thoughts about Red Hood: Outlaw #35

Can Red Hood face an old friend?

Essence is back Jason for one last time but he has learned a lot since the last time they met. Although that's far from his only problem.

Some thoughts about Superman #13

What is the truth behind Krypton?

Superman has realized that many people don't want to follow Rogol Zaar and now Mr. Oz is about to reveal his whole plans.

Some thoughts about Event Leviathan #1

Who is behind Leviathan?

Secret organizations around the world are starting to fall and everyone is starting to distrust everyone. Now is up to Batman and Lois Lane to gather a team of detectives to figure out what's actually happening.

miércoles, 5 de junio de 2019

Some thoughts about Adventures of the Super Sons #11

The Super Sons' final battle is about to begin.

Rex's madness keeps increasing and to defeat both Robin and Superboy, he's ready to execute his master plan.

Some thoughts about Young Justice #6

Can Young Justice save Gemworld?

The team is finally reunited and they all will learn the reasons for that but that doesn't mean their future is safe.

Some thoughts about Shazam #6

The Shazam family is in trouble.

Billy and Mary have just escaped the Funlands only to find out that Billy's father has returned and that could cause more problems instead of solving them.

Some thoughts about The Green Lantern #8

Green Lantern and Green Arrow together again to face a common foe.

Hal has arrived to Earth to pay a visit to Ollie only to realize that Ollie's life might not be as normal as he expected.

Some thoughts about Justice League #25

Can the Justice League face the future?

The World Forger believes he has the right vision to save the Multiverse but the Justice League will prove him wrong although that's far from their only problem because the Legion of Doom have executed their biggest plan.

Some thoughts about Deathstroke #44

Who is making a funeral for Deathstroke?

Slade is dead and now all of his colleagues are going to pay respect for him in their own way, or at least that's what it seems.

Some thoughts about DCeased #2

Is the world ending?

The new Anti-Life Equation has been spread across the Earth and both heroes and villains are being infected.

Some thoughts about Batman #72

What is Bane's plan?

Bruce has been manipulating all this time by one of his greatest enemies and things are just going to get worse.