viernes, 20 de diciembre de 2019

Some thoughts about Harleen #3

Will Harleen lose herself?

Harvey Dent has completely lost his mind and moral compass and has decided to free all the immates from Arkham Asylum, just what the Joker wanted.

Some thoughts about Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #6

Can Jimmy Olsen survive?

Jimmy will have to escape from mysterious people who want him dead and the only one who can help him is someone he pissed off.

jueves, 19 de diciembre de 2019

Some thoughts about Justice League #38

Can the Justice League face Lex Luthor?

The new powerful Lex will have to deal with the whole team but even their combined forces won't be enough unless they get extra help.

miércoles, 18 de diciembre de 2019

Some thoughts about Metal Men #3

Can the Metal Men trust their new teammate?

The Nth Metal Men believes he's the only one who can help Doctor Magnus and he would have to accept it if he doesn't want his secrets to be revealed.

Some thoughts about The Infected: The Commissioner #1

Is Gotham sick?

James Gordon has been infected and is starting to see his city in a different way which could put him at odds with his loved ones.

Some thoughts about Legion of Super-Heroes #2

What is the secret of Aquaman's Trident?

Superboy is trying to get used to the life in the future and with the Legion but things might get too complicated unless he starts seeing familiar faces.

Some thoughts about Flash Forward #4

Can Wally West recover his life?

Wally has been saving universes across the Multiverse but nothing is preparing him to what he's going to find in the next one: Linda Park.

Some thoughts about Joker: Killer Smile #2

What is real?

Benjamin believes he can help Joker with his treatment but the Clown Prince of Crime might end-up having too much of an influence on him.

Some thoughts about Suicide Squad #1

Who will survive the Suicide Squad?

A new team has been formed and Deadshot is not sure about them but things are about to get even worse once he realizes who truly is in charge.

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #37

The Other's identity is revealed.

The person who has been manipulating the team is willing to destroy it and the only person who can save them has left them.

Some thoughts about Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #1

Who will win?

Lex Luthor has been fearing the power of the Batman who Laughs for a while now and his new found powers might not be enough to face him.

Some thoughts about Batman/Superman #5

What makes Batman and Superman strong?

The Secret Six continue their attack and the only thing that could save both Bruce and Clark is their trust in each other.

Some thoughts about Batman #85

Who is Batman?

Bruce is finally ready to confront his father but he's not alone and this won't take too long.

Some thoughts about Shazam #9

Who is Billy's family?

Billy's dad has gained the power of Shazam and now Billy will be forced to choose who gets to keep the power.

Some thoughts about Doomsday Clock #12

Can a God be changed?

The world is in chaos since every force from every nation are confronting each other, something that Doctor Manhattan can't help but reminisce and now the only hope comes from a being who is constant among the Multiverse.

lunes, 16 de diciembre de 2019

Batman #85 Preview

Justice League #38 Preview

Batman/Superman #5 Preview

Harleen #3 Preview

Teen Titans #37 Preview

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #6 Preview

miércoles, 11 de diciembre de 2019

Some thoughts about Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Judas Contract #1

Whatever happened to Terra?

In the Dark Multiverse, Terra got tired of Deathstroke's manipulation but instead of that helping everyone, it only made things worse.

Some thoughts about Wonder Twins #10

Can the Wonder Twins save their friend's father?

Polly Math has decided to trust Jayna and now Zan and her are going to travel to space to once for all help Polly's dad escape the Phantom Zone.

Some thoughts about Hawkman #19

Can Hawkwoman stop Sky Tyrant?

Shiera is trying to make Carter awake from the infection but not even her presence might be enough.

Some thoughts about Gotham City Monsters #4

The Gotham City Monsters need another soldier.

Batwoman has decided to join the team for their fight against Melmoth and they will need all the help they can once that their enemy finds new allies.

Some thoughts about The Flash #84

The Flash needs to stop Captain Cold no matter what.

Cold has forgotten the purpose of the Rogues and now that rest of his family and Barry will have to shown him the way once again.

Some thoughts about Batman & the Outsiders #8

What are Ra's Al Ghul's plans?

The Outsiders are broken because of their enemies and not even new allies might help fix that.

Some thoughts about Superman #18

Is the world ready for the truth?

Superman has learned a lot because of recent events and he's ready to finally share his true identity to his people.

Some thoughts about Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child #1

What is the biggest threat in the universe?

Lara is trying to teach her brother how to use his immense powers and what better way to test them against a God?

Some thoughts about Justice League Odyssey #16

How can Jessica Cruz stop Darkseid?

Jessica has been joined by a group with the same goal of stopping Darkseid's forces but even that might not be enough.

Some thoughts about Batman: Curse of White Knight #5

How can Batman stop Azrael?

Jean-Paul Valley is obsessed with taking over the city and now Bruce will have to trust his worst enemy if he wants to have a chance against him.

Some thoughts about Ocean Master: Year of the Villain #1

Can Ocean Master reclaim what is his?

Orm has returned to his home on the surface and he has some explanations to do but they might not be the best ones.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn: Year of the Villain #1

Who is going to win the Villain of the Year?

Lex Luthor has assigned Harley to reunite all the criminals in the world and beyond to see who is the worst of all of them but there might be hidden reasons for it.