miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Batman: White Knight #8

Who is the White Knight of Gotham?

Batman and the Joker need to stop Neo Joker from causing more damage to city and by doing so, one of them will have to sacrifice who he is.

This miniseries comes to an end and I have to say that it has been one of the most satisfying in a while.

Sean Murphy offers the conclusion of his Elseworlds story by exploring the nature of both the Joker and Batman. The portrayal from the perspective of the Clown Prince of Crime is pretty great, particularly how he constantly has to face the internal conflict of his two personalities but the characterization really shines when it focuses on the relationship between Harley and him which explores really compelling and classic themes about their romance which doesn't necessarily depict it as a positive thing despite that this is probably the most acceptable version of it. The story even presents surprising moments from one of them, especially towards the end.

The good aspects don't end there since the dynamic between Batman and the Joker is still relevant and showcases the negative parts of being the Dark Knight, Murphy actually explores how unhealthy Bruce can be and how his war against crime caused the worst part of it and all of this is revealed in a way that makes sense.

Murphy's artwork remains stunning with all the beautiful details and strong action scenes that this script deserved.

Wonderful finale, it really makes you think about these characters in a more realistic way.

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