miércoles, 30 de abril de 2014

Some thoughts about Batgirl Annual #2

Batgirl will have to team-up with Poison Ivy if she wants to save people from strange experiments that are being conducted to them, but can she really trust her?

Barbara Gordon knows that Pamela Isley is not trustworthy after her actions when both were part of the Birds of Prey, but now she will be forced to help one another is they want to stop the mysterious Mister Rain and the terrible thing he's doing to human beings.

Some thoughts about Silver Surfer #2

The Silver Surfer is about to face the Never Queen and the infinite outcomes that she brings.

The Never Queen is able to create uncountable numbers of possibilities which the Silver Surfer could ahve lived and will make him realize that he has an special connection with Dawn Greenwood, the girl from Earth who seems to be more important than what it seems.

Some thoughts about Batwoman Annual #1

The final conflict between Batwoman, Batman and Director Bones is finally here.

Both Batwoman and Batman have been manipulated into fighting each other while Bones is quickly losing his mind in his obsession with Jacob Kane and it's willing to take everybody including the whole D.E.O. with him. Could Kate be able to save her family from him?

Some thoughts about Batman Eternal #4

Commissioner Gordon has been declared guilty for the death of several people, how will Batgirl react?

Barbara Gordon is starting to lose control and her rage is making her much more violent and unreasonable than ever, Meanwhile a desperate Stephanie Brown is trying to escape from her father unknowing that other people she thinks she can trust may also be working with him.

Some thoughts about Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual #2

Kyle Rayner is back to earth but somehow that doesn't seem right.

Carol Ferris is trying to return to her normal life after spending so much time in space but she quickly realizes that this life is not the right one for her anymore and so she starts looking for Kyle but what she will find will be something completely different from what she was expecting.

Some thoughts about The Flash Annual #3

The Future Flash is desperate to fix the past no matter the promises he made before about never do it again.

Something happened to Barry Allen to make that kind of decision, the life of Wally West was lost in a car accident that could have been prevented by The Flash but that's not the only problem, the Speed Force is broken and the Barry from twenty years in the future will have to commit crimes that he swore he never would.

martes, 29 de abril de 2014

Some thoughts about The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Peter Parker is back to life but what can of life awaits him.

After being impersonated by Otto Octavious for so long, Peter is decided to fix all the mistakes that were commited under Ock's reign but there are many that are still unknown by him and they most certainly come back to haunt him.

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miércoles, 23 de abril de 2014

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #30

The Teen Titans have finally returned to their own time but after losing so many people are they willing to keep fighting?

Many events have effected this group of superpowered teenagers and have changed them, in some cases for the worst and it seems like there's no moment of peace since their enemies continue to come wanting to destroy them.

Some thoughts about Daredevil #2

Has Daredevil finally found his match?

Max Coleridge is a person who has suffered a pretty similar life as Matt Murdock and that makes him believe that he's able to pull the same greatness that Daredevil has. However, Matt will learn that there's more about this man that meets the eye.

Some thoughts about Elektra #1

One of the world's deadliest assassins is back

Elektra Natchios's life has not been easy, her lovers have been her rivals in occasions, her loved ones have been murdered and she has even died a some point, the kind of life that a hired killer has. However, now she will have to deal with a mission that has a lot in common with one person that caused a lot of damage to her life.

Some thoughts Avengers Undercover #3

The survivors of Murder World have finally found Arcade, but do they have what it takes to defeat him?

Arcade is repeating his same sick game with other people and the first participants are willing to do whatever is needed to finally put a stop to his murders. However, this might be all planned by another even more powerful person.

Some thoughts about Batman Eternal #3

Carmine Falcone has returned to Gotham City and he's planning to bring a war with him.

Batman has been trying to investigate what caused Commissioner Gordon's accident but meanwhile other people are planning to strike againt him and the city, including a group of villains that have accidently revealed their secret to a girl called Stephanie Brown.

Some thoughts about Justice League Dark #30

It's a brand new era for the Justice League Dark.

After his treacherous actions, John Constantine has lost the right to be the leader or even part of the team so it's up to Zatanna to get the reigns of the group and try to learn more about them. She will have to since Nightmare Nurse is suffering from some strange effects in the House of Mystery.

Some thoughts about Batman/Superman #9

The World's Finest from two earths will have to work together if they want to survive Gamorra's forces.

Superman and Batman are starting to remember their previous encounters with their counterparts of Earth 2 thanks to Power Girl and Huntress' words and now they're starting to understand why they want to return home so much. Their wish may come true though since they have finally found the portal that could take them to their own universe.

Some thoughts about Red Lanterns #30

In a planet far away from Guy Gardner's band of Red Lanterns one of their kind is about to be born.

A judge from the planet Primeen has served justice well for years but now brutally betrayed by the people she trusted the most, she will be revived as a terrifying being who is about to judge anyone who has done wrong. The biggest concern here though, is who will be the first to get close to her, Guy or Atrocitus.

Some thougths about Aquaman #30

Can Aquaman survive the fury of the deranged Hercules?

After being imprisoned for so long, the Lion of Olympus has completely lost his mind thanks to the monters that he was fighting against and Arthur will have to use all the skills he has if he wants to defeat him. That's not his only problem though since some people in Atlantis are still unsatisfied with his reign.

Some thoughts about Justice League United #0

The world has survived one of the greatest threat that could have attacked it, but that doesn't mean that they're completely safe now.

The Justice League of America was disbanded after the attack of the Crime Syndicate and most of their members are separated now. However, that doesn't mean that they won't respond whenever someone asks for help since a mysterious man called Adam Strange is asking them to assist him in the search of his lover.

Some thoughts about The Flash #30

The Flash has finally returned to Central City after being trapped for so long, but can he really return to his normal life knowing that he left his city unprotected?

Gorilla Grodd and the Crime Syndicate create a complete disaster in the world and Central City was one of the most affected. Barry Allen will try his best to make up for the lost time by willing to fix everything but not even The Fastest Man Alive can be everywhere and he will realize that people are going to die no matter how hard he tries.

martes, 22 de abril de 2014

Recommendations from Comixology' Secret Origins Sale

All right people, Comixology has another seven day sale this time focusing in the origins of DC's most famous characters (or at least the ones who were available) and here I have some recommendations for you as always:

domingo, 20 de abril de 2014

Some thoughts about Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Hello everybody, I bet you're surprised to see an entry about a movie again here but it's true (I thought that by this point I would have gotten a decent camera to do a Vlog but alas).

I know that I'm late to the party (as I usually am) to comment about this film but I just saw it and I wanted to share some thoughts about it. So what did I think about Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

miércoles, 16 de abril de 2014

Some thoughts about The Superior Spider-Man #31

Peter Parker, the true Superior Spider-Man is back but could he be able to stop the threat that Otto Octavius couldn't?

The Goblin Nation is in full force and Peter Parker may have returned at the best or worst time depending on the perspective and now he will have to save every person that was put in danger due to the catastrophic events and have a final battle with his archenemy, the Green Goblin.

Some thoughts about Ms Marvel #3

The new Ms. Marvel is trying her best to gain control of her new powers, it won't be easy.

Kamala has to deal with all the typical problems from a teenage girl like being grounded, getting into trouble at school and of course, her strange shape-shifting abilities. This new set of skills may prove to be something very useful, especially if she wants to make her dream true about becoming a superheroine but it doesn't mean that it will be safe since one of her first missions may be her last.

Some thoughts about Ultimate FF #1

The Fantastic Four along with the rest of the universe where almost destroyed after the Cataclysm. Now it's time for the Future Foundation to save the world.

Susan Storm, Iron Man, The Falcon and Machine Man have founded the Future Foundation to try to defend the world from any interdimensional anomaly that could threaten the world once again. However, the menaces could prove to be much more dangerous than what they initially imagined, are they able to face them or will they need the assistance of an old foe?

Some thoughts about Batman and Wonder Woman #30

Batman will have to set foot in Paradise Island but he will need the help of Wonder Woman if he wants to go through the Amazons.

Ra's Al Ghul has brought the corpse of Damian to Themyscira to see if he can revive him to serve his cause. Bruce will have to deal with the kind of supernatural events that he's not accustomed to if he wants to put his son's body to rest.

Some thoughts about Batwoman #30

Batwoman is trapped in Arkham Asylum along with some of its most dangerous inmates, will she be able to escape'

The Wolf Spider continues his chase for some of the most precious paintings in Gotham City while Kate tries desperately to find his next target and apparently both have found where the place where they need to go is.

Some thoughts about Batman Eternal #2

Commissioner Gordon has caused the death of a lot of people, but is he really the true culprit of such act?

The rest of the Bat-family have just realized what it's happening in Gotham City while the citizens are trying to investigate what really happened in these events. Batman knows who might be behind this, one of the most dangerous persons from Gotham's past is back.

Some thoughts about Green Lantern: New Guardians #30

The Godkillers are decided to destroy X'Hal and her reign to her people, what can Kyle Rayner do about this?

The power of the White Lantern has been increasing since the first day it was bestowed upon Kyle and he will have use all of it if he wants to save the habitants of this planet and their Goddess. Unfortunaly, Kyle will not be able to save all of them.

Some thoughts about Justice League #29

The Metal Men have joined Cyborg into a final strike to his cold counterpart, Grid.

Victor has learned the secret about how the Metal Men are able to have feelings just like humans and that's exactly what Grid is looking for. The battle between the man and the machine is here and Victor will have to accept some aspects of himself if he wants to survive.

Some thoughts about Sinestro #1

The man who lost everything is back to see if he can retrieve it.

Sinestro has given up all of this responsibilities after the destruction of his planet Korugar and the death of his people, including his own Yellow Corps. However, thanks to the visions of a deranged Lyssa Drak, keeper of the words of Parallax, Sinestro has realized that there are still some surviving members of his race and to save them he will need the help of his army once again, no matter if they're willing to accept him or not.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #5

Harley Quinn is ready to help an old spy who is not able to accomplish his missions anymore. Yeah, this certainly will go well.

After a little problem involving some chili dogs and being invited to a burlesque show, Harley has decided to help Mr. Borgman by getting rid of his enemies. Let the massacre begins!

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #30

The Amazons are back to life but are they willing to help Wonder Woman on her quest?

Queen Hypolita is strangely still affected by the curse of Hera and Diana has suddenly become the new Amazon Queen, that doesn't mean that the others will forget everything and start following her though. Meanwhile, the menace of the First Born keeps increasing since he's destroying each member from the Gods of Olympus one by one.