miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Michael Cray #7

Michael Cray will have to face one of the most dangerous men in the world.

John Constantine believes in magic, magic that could help him to change the world but all by a cost and Michael is not willing to let him pay it.

Well, this story continues and while the other storyarcs didn't work so well, this one fares a little better, at least for now.

Bryan Hill offers a new storyline where he handles John Constantine and how different he is from the one of the main DCU, although he's not really different, this is pretty much the same John Constantine personality-wise except that he's willing to kill people to sustain his abilities. This I believe is what makes this story better since the last few counterparts of the DC heroes were insane monsters simply for the sake of it while John remains as the same character which at least makes this whole situation more understandable.

Also, just like most of the Wildstorm versions of the DCU heroes, he seems connected more to science than any other thing, even the whole magic angle is put in doubt since Constantine might as well simply be a psychopath who believes that the murders he commits makes his inspiration to create technology stronger.

N. Steven Harris remains in art duties and his work is still rough yet solid at telling the story.

Not bad but that's the same thing I said at the beginning of the last arc. Hope this one is better.

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