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Some thoughts about Godzilla

Hello guys! Here I am once again to talk about one of the most popular movies from this season!

... What? This movie is not based on a comic book?

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Highly anticipating on June 4th 2014

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Recommendations from the week May 28th 2014

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Justice League 3000 #7 Preview

Some thoughts about Ms Marvel #4

Being a superhero might be much more dangerous than what the new Ms. Marvel originally thought.

Kamala is starting to learn the perils of the kind of career she has chosen after being shot while trying to stop a common robbery and things could get even more complicated when she tries to stop what appears to be an evil genius.

Some thoughts about Superman #31

Superman's life continues to be in peril due to the Doomsday infection how do the rest of the world will react to that?

The Justice League along with its new member, Lex Luthor, are trying to help Clark to stop the influence of Doomsday over him, but Lois Lane might be the only one able to push him into the right or wrong direction.

miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2014

Some thoughts about Nightwing #30

Can Nightwing return to be who he was after the things that happened?

The Crime Syndicate were able to defeat him and he even died at one point, Dick Grayson has passed for some of the most difficult times in his life and both Batman and him know that to stop this from happening again, he will have to become stronger, no matter if he has to abandon everything to doing so.

This is basically a prelude from the upcoming series Grayson written by the same authors from this issue, Tim Seeley and Tom King. I have talked before about whole this volume of Nightwing never managed to rise above from being simply decent so do these authors succeed at becoming better than that?

Some thoughts about Justice League Dark #31

Nightmare Nurse may be even more dangerous and terrifying than anyone could have ever imagine.

Zatanna and the rest of the Justice League Dark are trying to help a young woman named Alice who appears to have been possessed by Nightmare Nurse all this time. However, there are two sides in this argument and so Asa will go looking for Constantine to also try to help her which may turn into something terrible for everyone.

Some thoughts about Secret Origins #2

The Dark Knight, The King of the Seven Seas and the Princess of Tamaran's origins told from a new perspective.

What exactly did Bruce Wayne felt when his parents were murdered, how was Arthur Curry's life before and after the death of his father and how did Koriand'r became the person she is now. You will learn all those details and more in this new interpretation of their early days.

Some thoughts about Futures End #4

Can Frankenstein work once again with S.H.A.D.E. after all the things that happened between them?

A strange menace is currently rising and nobody knows what exactly is, but they know that it was strong enough to take on Stormwatch and S.H.A.D.E. will need all the help they can get. Meanwhile, a strange group of supervillains is reuniting and Grifter may have found his match.

Some thoughts about Red Lanterns #31

One of the most powerful Red Lanterns has been created, the question is: Which band of Reds will she choose?

Guy Gardner is worried due to the current disasters that his team has been causing but still believes that Atrocitus is the biggest problem among them. Now with the live of Rankorr in peril and the dangers of The Judge joining Atrocitus' ranks, Guy knows that the worst is yet to come.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #31

Can the King of the Seven Seas face the Avatar of the Green?

Arthur has seen several strange events recently and some of them makes him believe that Swamp Thing has something to do about it. However, that's not the only concern currently since Mera is still dealing with the people who want her dead for some reason and Triton base is having one of its most dangerous experiments yet.

Some thoughts about Suicide Squad #30

The world has gone to hell and everyone is blaming Amanda Waller for it.

The government is taking some pretty radical decisions after the events caused by the Crime Syndicate and due to these actions they know that they can give Waller as much control as before. However, they still believe that her idea had potential.

Some thoughts about The Flash #31

The Flash will have to find the one culprit for the most recent murders before the future caughts with him.

There have been too many coincidences in the most recent cases, the weapons are being used for killing when their original owners usually don't commit such acts. However, that's not the only concern for Barry Allen since he will now have worry about another person causing a killing spree: Himself.

miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2014

Some thoughts about Elektra #2

Can Elektra defeat some of the most dangerous assassins alive in her new mission?

Both Scalphunter and Lady Bullseye are in Elektra's way to find Cape Crow and they won't make it easy for her to accomplish her objective. However, no matter how strong these hired killers can be, they're no match for one of the strongest assassins alive.

Some thoughts about Daredevil #3

Daredevil will have to join forces with a person who has more in common with him than what he would like to admit.

The Shroud is one of San Francisco's vigilantes who have pretty similar abilities as Matt's and once that he's able to defeat him, he will have to trust in this wannabe superhero to face one of Daredevil's oldest enemies, The Owl.

Some thoughts about Batman and Frankenstein #31

Batman will need the aid of Frankenstein if he wants to recover the corpse of his son, if he's willing to cooperate of course.

Batman and Frankenstein didn't have one of the best encounters last time but despite of this, Frank will understand that Bruce is just doing all of this for his son. However, that doesn't mean that the mission will be any easier since Ra's Al Ghul is leading some of the most bizarre creatures in the place to stop them.

Some thoughts about Batwoman #31

Batwoman's hunt for the Wolf Spider continues and the problems on her personal life increase.

Kate has learned about the current problems that her girlfriend Maggie is having with the custody of her daughter and she's willing to help her no matter the cost. Meanwhile, the Wolf Spider continues his robbery around Gotham City despite of the amount of people he's hurting.

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #14

The Justice League of America has failed its mission but that doesn't mean that the members have to follow suit.

Stargirl and Steve Trevor are having a conversation about the outcome of the Crime Syndicate's attack and what are the whereabouts of the rest of the members. Courtney will learn that no matter the final result of their group, its idea was always what mattered and so she has decided to continue it with people who are willing to help people.

Some thoughts about Batman/Superman #11

Superman is suffering due to the Doomsday infection and Batman is one of the few people who can save him.

Batman, Wonder Woman and Steel have joined forces to find a way to help Superman and the only way they can do it is by invading the Phantom Zone and fighting some of the worst criminals from the universe so they can actually find the solution for Clark's problems.

Some thoughts about Sinestro #2

Sinestro has returned to take control of his own Corps but is he ready to guide them again?

Arkillo has been leading the Sinestro Corps for a while and trying to give them a direction but it has been misguiden one and Sinestro will have to correct that. Will he be able to lead all these people that not even him is able to trust?

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #31

Hell has just been murdered, what will happen to the world now?

Hermes and Dio are trying to find the culprit for the mysterious events that are currently occurring while Diana will have to use his new position as Queen of the Amazons to try to give peace to her people as long as she can. Sadly, one of the biggest menaces is about to arrive.

Some thoughts about Green Lantern: New Guardians #31

Kyle Rayner has evolved into one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Now he will have to face the consequences.

After the terrible fight against a being that he helped created, Kyle arrives in a mysterious planet that apparently has suffered from a terrible devastation that was apparently provoked for its own people. However, the White Lantern will discover that his powers coudl have created one of the worst creatures that the universe has seen again.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #6

Harley Quinn and Mr. Borgman's mission might be one of the bloodiest they have ever faced.

Syborg had a lot of enemies, most of them from Russia and Harley will have to help him to kill all of them in a zoo full of animals...

Some thoughts about Futures End #3

People are still reacting their own way to Green Arrow's death, some more negatively than others.

Grifter's mission has been pretty clear for him since he was a kid, get rid of any extraterrestial menace, but does he knows what to do in this kind of situations. Menwhile, Firestorm continues to ignore his responsibilities, Mister Terrific is suspicious of the new Batman and Lois Lane finds a clue of her current investigation.

Some thoughts about Justice League #30

Is a brand new day for the Justice League and the world, or at least that's what Lex Luthor expects.

After playing one of the most important roles in the defeat of the Crime Syndicate, Luthor is ready to take his place as one of the World's Greatest Superheroes but the rest of the Justice League might have something to say about it. However, there are bigger concerns at hand since the Power Ring from Earth 3 is looking for a new replacement and it has finally found it.

Some thoughts about Forever Evil #7

Lex Luthor and his Injustice League are finally going to fight against the biggest threat from Earth 3 but are they really prepared to what will come later?

Dick Grayson's life is in peril and only Luthor seems to know the way to save him, Luthor always knows a way. In the final battle against the menaces from Earth 3 and what they represent, Lex will learn one of the most important lessons in his life which sadly will be learned due to the death of one of the persons closest to him.