miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Moon Knight #195

Can Moon Knight defeat yet another cult?

The Collective has been gathering new members for their group, no matter if they want it or not and Marc could be the next.

We open a new storyarc and it seems interesting at the very least.

Marc Bemis continues his run by delivering yet another supernatural threat for the protagonist. If there's something that has been prevalent in Bemis' work on this title is the horror direction along with witty dialogue and personalities and this is nicely mixed here due to the idea of the Collective. A cult that tries to recruit people to become a single being is an interesting concept and one that contrasts nicely with Marc's disorder of multiple personalities and I hope this theme is further explored in the upcoming issues.

That being said, I still wish that Bemis would explore the complaint that I had after learning what happened between Marlene and Jake, the whole thing about having an affair without Marc's consent since it still feels a lot like a rape case. Is not really that I need it to be addressed because I'm offended by it (although it is a pretty delicate issue and needs to be acknowledged) but is mostly because of the possibilities for more interesting character work due that it portrays both Marlene and  Jake really badly and that could create a more compelling dynamic with Marc. All of this went pretty much ignored.

Paul Davidson handles the art and is quite solid, a bit more cartoony than I would have expected for a title like but is still fitting for the most bizarre scenes.

Enjoyable but I seriously hope we get the exploration I'm hoping for.

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