miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #47

The Dark Gods are coming.

Supergirl is being mind-controlled by Diana's new adversaries and is decided to destroy her unless Jason is able to help.

Boy, this issue didn't go the way I expected.

James Robinson continues this new storyarc by delivering more about the background of these new villains. The exploration of mythos is decent with a few interesting characters being introduced here who contribute to the plot while explaining some of the loose plot threads that were created early on. At its core, this issue would have been fine enough.

And I said it WOULD have been fine enough if it wasn't because Robinson took Diana out of the story out of nowhere at the end because he wanted to tell another tale focusing on the Star Sapphires.

In Space.

I'm sure as hell that there were better ways to implement this kind of story in the upcoming Annual, which is where this is supposedly going to happen, but the way how is executed here breaks the current story terribly. Worst of all is that there wasn't even any set-up for this direction and thus is a pretty irrational twist. Robinson could have simply said "This Annual takes place before or after The Dark Gods storyline" and things would have been more acceptable.

Stephen Segovia handles the art and is quite good looking thanks to his beautiful characters and strong action scenes.

Other than that, waste of potential.

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