miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Red Hood & the Outlaws #22

Can Bizarro handle the loss of his own self?

Jason and Artemis are trying to help his friend the best way they can but you just can't prevent the inevitable.

That cover is pretty misleading since the Penguin barely had anything to do with the story.

Other than that, this is pretty great. Scott Lobdell continues his story about the fate of Bizarro in a really interesting way. I love the parallels the author creates between Bizarro's state and what happens to people with mental illness, the fear for the loss of mind is something really understandable and the way how Bizarro experiences all of this feels quite realistic and sympathetic.

The rest of the cast also receive solid moment during their respective scenes, particularly once that Lex Luthor appears and shows his own perspective about the whole situation which reminds me how much I loved the complexity Lobdell always gave to the character. The last few pages between Jason and Bizarro are pretty touching considering what's about to happen.

Dexter Soy is joined by Alisson Borges in art duties and their work is really good looking with a vibrant tone and beautiful characters.

Great read, this book is just wonderful.

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