miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Aquaman/Jabberjaw Special #1

None of these guys gets respect.

Jabberjaw has been lost in the present and now needs the help of Aquaman to return to Aqualand and save all of his friends.

Guess what? These crossovers are getting better and better.

The current writer of Aquaman, Dan Abnett, delivers yet another solid chapter that strangely enough can be considered part of his run. The premise is all about how Jabberjaw comes from the future where people from the sea and the surface live together which fits with his classic portrayal from the cartoon and can also connect to the current DCU continuity due to how fluctuating time-travel can be, this future might or might not happen and thus makes this encounter much more understandable.

Best of all are the jokes between the two. Jabberjaw's catchphrase "I get no respect" is also brought by Aquaman due to how even people from the future know him as "The guy who talks to fish" and is just so fitting because of the constant jokes at his expense which makes the relationship between the two even closer. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the whole reason for this crossover (aside from the fact that Jabberjaw is a shark of course).

Paul Pelletier handles the art and I'm glad to see him drawing the character again, his work is beautiful with great character models and clear storytelling.

Great read, please continue to improve crossovers.

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