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Some thoughts about Harley Quinn: Harley Loves Joker #1

What will end the romance between Harley and the Joker?

Harley is trying to impress her boyfriend in any way possible but the appearance of an old friend might complicate things even more.

This is a story that has been teased for a while during the second features of the Harley Quinn series and Paul Dini finally returns to conclude it in this two issue miniseries and so far is fun enough but not particularly impressive.

The romantic aspect of the relationship between Joker and Harley is still handled solidly enough from a comedic perspective. It is heavily influenced by Batman: The Animated Series just like the previous features handled by Dini and thus, this whole tale has a much more cartoony direction in terms of writing and complexity which is not bad per se but even Dini himself has gone darker with the classic Mad Love story which also followed a similar route.

Another problem is how The Grison, a really cartoony supervillain, appears and becomes pretty much one of the major focus of the issue by even detailing her origin and relationship with Harley and I wish it wasn't the case since the story should concentrate more of the nature of this romance. Not to mention that she is forced to mix Portuguese in her English to make people know she's Brazilian and is just ugh.

Bret Blevins handles the art and is fitting for the tone of the script due to his cartoony style with flexible character models.

Not bad but needs to be better for the next one.

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