miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Green Lanterns #46

Can the Green Lanterns survive the realm of fear?

Simon is looking for Jessica in place where Volthoom's will rules but even if he finds her, it might be too late already.

This story took a pretty logical twist.

Tim Seeley continues this arc where he explores the nature of the Power Ring and how it still influences Jessica's life. The author delivers interesting ideas like what happened to some of the previous slaves of Volthoom which reveals more about the events on Earth 3 and even includes another version of Simon from that universe.

The best part comes towards the end though where is revealed that Jessica has been trapped here for a particular reason, one that could change her life enterily, is connected to her origins and could be for the worst for both Simon and her.

V. Ken Marion offers a pretty solid work on art duties thanks to the energetic style and expressive characters.

Good read, can't wait for the conclusion.

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