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Some thoughts about Transformers: Requiem for the Wreckers #1

Is this the end for the Wreckers?

Springer and Verity have been spending their time of peace the best way they can but that won't last since some of their oldest enemies haven't forgotten them.

All good things I guess.

This is the people, the end of the best Transformers storyline in the IDW continuity. I have huge respect for what James Roberts did during More than Meets the Eye but in recent years his whole work hasn't been as consistent as it used to be. Nick Roche however, always managed to deliver strong series after strong series focusing on emotional and complex character work along with strong themes that made the Wreckers some of the most interesting characters in this universe and now that's he's closing the door, the only thing I can say is that I'm glad I was able to read his work.

Here Roche plays with the ramifications of his last book, Sins of the Wreckers with Verity and Springer dealing with their moment of peace but at the same time playing with events that happened in other books like the death of Kup, who was an important character in Roche's work, and how that affects them. This is where Roche's classic development comes in hand since he explores the idea that now that both Springer and Verity escaped the war, they still have to fight with their own emotions and scars which is a pretty compelling concept and is something that have been pretty common in the stories by this writer.

The way how Roche creates a conclusion is quite appropriate as well since he makes things go full circle starting with the reappearance of Overlord who has gained a huge hate for Springer after his defeat in Last Stand of the Wreckers and his character continues to progress based on his current alliance with Tarantulas. There's even a few moments of humour portraying them basically as a married couple who still can't stop thinking about their "exes" (namely Megatron and Prowl respectively).

Of course these moments don't last long since the terror of Overlord being here gets really real really quickly but the way how they manage to defeat him is quite appropriate for someone as cruel as him. Tarantulas also manages to get a satisfying ending which is much more sympathetic towards him. Impactor, well, let's just say that what happens to him is appropriate. I'm glad that Prowl also got an appearance here and it was a fitting one based on his history.

Roche even acknowledges the fact that the universe ending in two ways since Springer is decided to make things better in history while Verity realizes she needs to move forward. In that sense the writer addresses that both ideas can be valid and is the most satisfying for it.

Roche's artwork continues to shine due to his great storytelling and strong character models. Classic Transformers artist Geoff Senior accompanies him in the flashback scenes and all of it looks classic all right.

Excellent finale, couldn't have asked for a better one for the best Transformers saga ever.

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