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Some thoughts about Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Robin Vs. Ra's Al Ghul #1

Is Robin ready for Batman's wedding?

Damian can't help but having doubts about the future and to face it, he will first have to face his past and the people involved in it.

Here we have one of the first tie-ins to the biggest upcoming event in Batman... which is not that promising since that is handled by Tom King and his Batman run has been underwhelming at best and terrible at worst (see his last arc for a proof of that).

That being said, here he comes Tim Seeley to get a good story from a bad situation. This issue is centered around Damian and how he has been progressing as a character since his early days which is emphasized thanks to the flashbacks to his least likable persona to the events that happen in the present which show his current fears about the future and it surprises me in several ways since at times is easy to forget that Damian is just a kid who can also have the same concerns that happens to someone his age when one of his parents is going to get married again.

This gets a bit heavyhanded at times due to the appearance of a new villain who confronts Damian on a personal level but this also escalates nicely to the inevitable conflict with his own grandfather who has pretty similar thoughts as his.

Brad Walker handles the art and is beautiful thanks to the detailed expressions and strong storytelling.

Great read, can't wait for more of these tie-ins.

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