Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Some thoughts about Archie #22

A life is about to end in Riverdale.

After the accident, Betty is in emergency and everyone around her is worried about her fate which could be really terrible.

Some thoughts about Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye #10

Cave Carson will have to find a way to save his loved ones.

In the middle of the fight for their lives, Cave will find someone who is related to him in the strangest way but is this truly what is happening?

Some thoughts about Ms. Marvel #20

Ms. Marvel will have to fight for her city.

Kamala has been trapped in a world of politics where even her loved ones are in peril and there might not be a chance to escape.

Some thoughts about Green Arrow #27

Green Arrow will need even more help to fight the Ninth Circle.

Oliver's journey has taken him to face politicians but his brutal methods might cause the intervention of the Amazing Amazon.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #24

Harley's adventures with her parents continues.

Trying to impress her parents with a new date might not go as well as she expected since criminals are going to interrupt dinner at the worst moment and that's the least of Harley's concerns.

Some thoughts about The Wild Storm #6

The world remains in danger.

People are being hunted for their own abilities and they need to be reunited to prevent this from happening but that won't stop one of the most powerful men on Earth.

Some thoughts about Trinity #11

The Trinity will have to prove their value.

The entire Justice League has been possessed by aliens and now is up to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to help them the best way they can.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #26

Aquaman is lost and his only hope is Mera.

Orin is trying to help the people outside of Atlantis fight against the new King meanwhile Mera is trying to fight the civilization in her own way.

Some thoughts about Batwoman #5

What happened to Batwoman in Coryana?

Kate can't help but remember her early days in the island and how she connected to the people on it and even manage to find some sort of peace.