miércoles, 11 de julio de 2018

Some thoughts about Michael Cray #9

Did Diana Prince convince Michael to join her?

Michael has decided to fight against his own mental issues and has decided to help Diana with her plans, or at least that's what he wanted she to believe.

Some thoughts about Sideways #6

Sideways has commited his biggest mistake.

Derek has decided to enter into a fight that could shatter the universe without knowing that her mother could be in terrible danger.

Some thoughts about Transformers: Lost Light #20

Rodimus and Getaway's final fight has just started.

Getaway has manipulated and killed people to reach this moment and things are not going the way he planned. Now is up to Rodimus to decide to do with him.

Some thoughts about Red Hood & the Outlaws #24

Red Hood will have to break his promise.

Jason has learnt the truth about his father and all of this is the Penguin's fault. Now he will be forced to go against Batman's rules and take another life.

Some thoughts about Plastic Man #2

Can Plastic Man face his fears?

Eel's own cowardice is getting the best of him but once that a little kid is in peril, he will have to act like the hero he should be.

Some thoughts about Hawkman #2

Hawkman's past lives are ought to get him.

Carter is trying to investigate the mysterious threat that appeared in his vision and that will take him to another place and time.

Some thoughts about Titans #23

Metahumans are out of control and the Titans are the only ones who can stop them.

Nightwing and his new team are decided to take care of the new superpowered beings that are appearing but their job could turn out to be more dangerous than they expected.