Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Some thoughts about Cave Carson has a Interstellar Eye #1

Cave Carson's adventures never end.

The journey of Cave's team has taken them into space now and they might find one of the most important figures in the universe, Star Adam.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #40

Harley will have to learn who is her true enemy.

Harley has been manipulated all this time and now will have to fight for her true home.

Some thoughts about Runaways #7

The Runaways are a family again.

Everyone in the team is happy of being together again, but that doesn't mean they can leave their own lives behind and even that could cause problems.

This run continues and once again, seems to be on a solid path.

Some thoughts about Batwoman #13

Does Batwoman still have a family?

Kate has been trying to figure out if one of her ex-lovers has kidnapped her sister. However, the truth might be even worse than that.

Some thoughts about Super Sons #14

Can the Super Sons stop one of their mothers and save the other?

Talia Al Ghul is decided to kill Lois Lane and now is up to both Jon and Damian to prevent any more harm.

Some thoughts about Damage #3

Only Wonder Woman can stop the damage.

Ethan has lost control once again and now he's facing the strongest Amazon in the world. However, not even her power could be enough to control him.

Some thoughts about Batman #43

Who can stop Poison Ivy?

Batman has realized what is wrong with Pamela and he will have to ask the help of the only person who can help her.

Some thoughts about Green Lanterns #43

The Green Lanterns will have to save all the kidnapped superheroes.

Caper has captured many metahumans and now they're under its control and is up to Jessica and Simon to find a way to help them all.

Some thoughts about Superman #43

Boyzarro has arrived to Earth.

Jon is trying to calm down his new friend but things are not going to be easy, especially once that they arrive to Bizarro Earth.

Some thoughts about Justice League #41

The Justice League don't know how to handle this situation.

The Watchtower has fallen into Africa and now the team is forced to explain their involvement in this nation as well as dealing with its self-appointed leader.