Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Some thoughts about All-New Wolverine #29

Wolverine will have to fight for her family's sake.

Laura is starting to lose more and more loved ones and is up to her to stop this battle before is too late.

Some thoughts about Optimus Prime #15

The war is inevitable.

Onyx Prime has just revealed his presence and now Optimus will have to defend Earth and all of existence from him.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #32

Atlantis needs a new ruler.

The Elders of Atlantis have realized that Rath is a poor King and they need to replace him immediately but the person they choose will be a surprise for everyone.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #35

Is Harley Quinn ready to start once again?

Harley has suffered a lot of tragedies lately and wants to be alone but once that one of her best friends is missing, she will have no choice but go after him.

Some thoughts about Batwoman #11

Can Batwoman save Julia Pennyworth before is too late?

Julia has been kidnapped by Professor Pyg and is up to Kate to find out where he has taken her but even that might not be enough.

Some thoughts about Superman #39

Can Superman give a little hope to these kids?

Children from the hospital are big fans of Superman and the greatest hero in the world is decided to make every day they have count.

Some thoughts about Trinity #17

The Trinity have found themselves in a terrible situation.

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have no choice but tell the events that occurred to them when that they were lost in a strange world.

Some thoughts about Super Sons #12

Can the Super Sons figure out their future?

Damian and Jon have just met future versions of the Justice League and now they've been inspired to continue their partnership and even become better friends.

Some thoughts about Green Lanterns #39

The Green Lanterns will have to save two races.

The Red Tide has shown her true colours and now is up to Jessica and Simon to stop her and prevent a planet from falling apart.

Some thoughts about Damage #1

Can someone stop the damage?

A soldier has been turned into a weapon of mass destruction and the only way to stop him is by destroying him.

Some thoughts about Justice League #37

The Justice League will have to survive one of the biggest problems.

The people continue to hate on the team and thing are about to get worse once that once that The Fan decides to attack.

Some thoughts about Batman #39

Can Batman and Wonder Woman fight an everlasting war?

Diana has come to contact Bruce to help her stop a horde that could destroy everything without knowing the sacrifices both will have to do.