jueves, 16 de mayo de 2019

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #30

Is this the end of the Teen Titans?

The rest of the team has finally learned about Robin's true plans and most of them are completely against them which could lead to one of their worst fights.

miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2019

Some thoughts about Transformers #5

The number of victims are increasing.

The Autobots are trying to be reasonable with the Ascenticons but some of them are going to be hard to deal with and the innocents are about to pay for it.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #48

Can Aquaman recover his memories?

Arthur has been completely lost since he arrived and now is ready to remember who he was and the reason why he's here.

Some thoughts about Naomi #5

Naomi's truth is about to be revealed.

Naomi has finally learned about her roots and is ready to tell her best friend about it but this might lead to something much worse.

Some thoughts about Justice League #24

The Justice League will have to fight one of their own members.

Superman is still lost and the rest of the team have figured out how to escape this dimension but Batman is not going to make things easy.

Some thoughts about Superman #11

How can Superman defeat Rogol Zaar?

Zaar has been allied with General Zod to destroy Clark's life and world but the House of El is ready to fight back.

Some thoughts about Batman #71

Has Batman been broken?

Bruce has finally gone to meet Bane and he believes he's ready to defeat him but his own allies don't trust him anymore.