miércoles, 6 de noviembre de 2019

Some thoughts about Transformers #14

How can the Transformers survive this hidden threat?

The Ascenticons are unleashing their attack in secret and the Autobots don't know what to do know, and all of this is part of Megatron's plans.

Some thoughts about Justice League #35

How can the Justice League defeat Perpetua?

The Justice League is gathering all the allies they can for the final battle but they won't be enough since Perpetua is already destroying universes.

Some thoughts about Inferior Five #3

Who are the Inferior Five?

A group of kids survived the invasion years ago and now a new one is bound to destroy them all.

Some thoughts about Wonder Twins #9

What is Secret Origin of the Wonder Twins?

Jayna is still trying to help Polly and to do so, she will have to recall a few painful memories.

Some thoughts about Lois Lane #5

Can Lois Lane uncover the truth?

Lois and Renee continue their investigation in their own different way and they might be getting closer to know who is coming after them.

Some thoughts about Young Justice #10

Can Young Justice escape Earth 3?

Jinny Hex was handled a mission concerning her inheritance and not even the Multiverse will able to stop her from fulfilling it.

Some thoughts about The Infected: King Shazam #1

Shazam is going to destroy the world.

Billy has been infected by The Batman who Laughs and now is willing to take over all the other Gods unless his family stops him.

Some thoughts about Green Lantern: Blackstars #1

Can Hal Jordan get used to being a Blackstar?

After saving the universe once again, Hal seemingly doesn't remember what happened aside from his current role as a Blackstar. Now they're all willing to be new law around the universe.

Some thoughts about Legion of Super-Heroes #1

Who can save the future?

The discovery of Aquaman's Trident has unchained a series of events that could change the 31st Century forever.

Some thoughts about Deathstroke #49

Who can stop Deathstroke?

Jericho is finally accepting his fate of confronting his father but things are not going to be as simple as anyone thinks.

Some thoughts about Batman #82

Can Batman face Bane?

Bane has been preparing his inevitable fight with Batman but he wasn't counting that Catwoman would help him.