jueves, 17 de enero de 2019

Some thoughts about Titans #33

Whatever happened to Raven?

The Titans are going to investigate a realm they thought they would never come back to and by doing so, they will discover quite a few surprises.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #62

What is Wonder Woman's fate?

Ares is out of control and now Diana will have to join forces with Aphrodite to stop the mad God but even if they manage to do it, things are far from over for them.

miércoles, 16 de enero de 2019

Some thoughts about Hawkman #8

Who is the Hawkman of Krypton?

Carter has traveled once again to meet one of his previous incarnations who turned out to be Catar-Ol from Krypton but he's going to arrive at the worst possible time.

Some thoughts about The Flash #62

What are Psych plans?

Barry believes he has found a new ally but this City of Rogues is hidden some of the worst dangers around.

Some thoughts about Catwoman #7

What is Catwoman going to do now?

After her last big fight, Selina is trying to put her life in the right path but an old acquaintance might have other plans for her.

Some thoughts about Red Hood: Outlaw #30

Red Hood is about to face new mysteries.

Jason has arrived into a new place in which he will be suddenly kidnapped and learn what has been happening to a few people he used to know.

Some thoughts about Justice League Dark #7

The Justice League Dark is about to face some of their darkest cases.

Man-Bat is telling a story, a story that touches the multiple events his friends have encountered and all of this is leading to something much bigger.

Some thoughts about Superman #7

Whatever happened to Superboy?

Something happened to Jon during his travels with Jor-El, something that forced them to stay together for years and now that he's older, he realizes something must be done.