martes, 15 de septiembre de 2020

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #45


How can the Teen Titans stay together?

Robin has abandoned his team but that's far from their biggest problem since Gizmo is back to hunt them.

Some thoughts about Metal Men #10


What's the origin of the Nth Metal Man? 

In the Dark Multiverse, the Nth Metal Man was born to fight a threat that was going to destroy the world but during his creation, another dangerous being was born as well.

Some thoughts about Justice League #53


Who is the Justice League of Dark Multiverse? 

Nightwing always dreamed to be part of the League but now that it no longer exists, he will have no choice but gather a team of heroes without a name.

Some thoughts about Batman #99


Who is going to help Batman now?

The Joker's plans are coming to fruition and now Bruce will need all of his allies to have a chance against his nemesis but even then, the Joker might be too unpredictable for everyone.