martes, 1 de diciembre de 2020

Some thoughts about Metal Men #12

Can Will Magnus be reunited with his Metal Men?

The team is together to fight the forces of the Dark Multiverse but even if they manage to win, their fate might force them to part ways once again.

Some thoughts about Strange Adventures #7

What are Adam Strange's crimes?

The investigation against the Strange family continues but just while Alanna believes in their own case, it turns out that Adam might be keeping some secrets from her.

Some thoughts about DCeased: Dead Planet #6

Who is going to save the world now?

The cure to the Anti-Life virus is apparently the only salvation but there's another problem the heroes will have to face due that Trigon is coming back to Earth.

Some thoughts about Tales from the Dark Multiverse: War of the Gods #1

Is Wonder Woman going to cause the end of the world?

In a different reality, Diana was possessed by Hecate and that caused the War of the Gods to have a much more brutal result than anyone expected.

Some thoughts about Batman #104

Who is Ghostmaker?

Nightwing can't help but remember the time when Bruce told him about the friend he lost, a friend that is going to cause the death of many people.

Some thoughts about Batman/Catwoman #1

Batman and Catwoman's lives continue to be connected no matter the years.

Bruce has just received the visit of an old lover asking for his help while Selina's relationship with the Joker is getting more dangerous.

Some thoughts about Justice League: Endless Winter #1

A new threat is about to endanger the whole world.

The Justice League is going against a group of common supervillains only to discover a much bigger enemy has awaken to create an immense natural disaster.

martes, 24 de noviembre de 2020

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #767

How can Wonder Woman stop Maxwell Lord?

Max has gained a new surge of power and is ready to make Diana pay for her previous encounter but she's too strong to be manipulated.

Some thoughts about The Flash #766

Can Dr. Alchemy be stopped?

Barry is still trying to find a way to prevent Desmond's multiple personalities to cause more damage and the answer might be connected to him all along.

Some thoughts about Suicide Squad #11

Is this the end of the Suicide Squad?

The team has spent a lot of time trying to regain their own freedom and once that they do, they will realize that their job is far from done.

Some thoughts about Red Hood #51

Can Red Hood return to his roots?

Jason came back to his old neighborhood only to find out that things are just getting worse, especially when a new crime lord starts causing trouble.

A brand new direction is here and speaking as someone who considered most of the current volume written by Scott Lobdell pretty solid, I would say that newcomer Shawn Martinbrough has done a nice job at continuing that trend.

Some thoughts about Action Comics #1027

What is the fate of the Daily Planet?

Red Cloud is willing to destroy Clark's life but they have even bigger problems now due that his whole world is about to change.

Some thoughts about Death Metal: The Multiverse who Laughs #1

How can such Dark Multiverse exist?

Robin King is going to tell stories about the darkest corners of reality which include even such bizarre things like killer pets.