Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Some thoughts about Aquaman #30

The Aquaman needs to rise.

Atlantis continues to be under the rule of a maniacal King and now is up to Arthur to gather an army to save his kingdom. However, he's forgetting of the person most important to him.

Some thoughts about The Wild Storm #9

The past is being revealed.

Jacob is trying to put his team together while Jackie King will have to investigate more about her own organization.

Some thoughts about Batwoman #9

Batwoman will have to face her own fears.

Kate and Colony Prime are trying to escape from the Scarecrow's nightmares and both will have to show who they really are to beat him.

Some thoughts about Super Sons #10

The Super Sons will have to get ready for the future.

Damian and Jon are starting to get closer everytime they work together and their parents are already trusting them to handle bigger cases. However, things are about to get more dangerous once that unexpected heroes arrive.

Some thoughts about The Batman who Laughs #1

What created the Batman who Laughs?

The Dark Multiverse has awoken some of the most terrifying things that ever existed and none of them are more terrifying than the creature that mixes both the Batman and the Joker.

Some thoughts about Superman #35

Can Superboy save his family?

Jon has found himself in Apokolips and now will have to find both Clark and Lois before is too late.

Some thoughts about Batman #35

Can Batman's fiancee face his former lover?

Catwoman and Talia's fight has just begun and both will have to prove that they're better than each other but not in the way they're expecting.

Some thoughts about Nightwing #33

Can Nightwing and Blockbuster work together to save the city?

Raptor's revenge continues and is about to get even worse unless Dick and his archenemy put their differences aside.

Some thoughts about Trinity #15

Can the Trinity saves themselves?

Circe's plans are coming into fruition, that is unless Batman has a plan to save all of them without causing any more damage.