Thursday, September 21, 2017

Some thoughts about Batman: The Red Death #1

Will The Flash be able to save the multiverse again?

Bruce is decided to get Barry's powers to accomplish his mission but Barry believes that there's always another way.

Some thoughts about Batwoman #7

Can Batwoman survive her own past?

Kate has found herself in the desert and she can't help but remember some of the most important people in her life.

Hellblazer #14 Preview

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #28

Will you vote for Harley Quinn for Mayor?

Harley is tired of how corrupt their current Mayor and now has decided to take the government with her own hands no matter how bloody they are.

Blue Beetle #13 Preview

Some thoughts about Green Arrow #31

Can Green Arrow demonstrate that he deserves to be among the world's greatest heroes?

Ollie has finally found the source of the Ninth Circle and is ready to risk everything to put an end to this threat but even with that in mind, his mission is far from over.

Some thoughts about The Wild Storm #7

The plans are coming into fruition.

Marlowe's team is about to recruit a new member and the world is about to see the war between two secret organizations.