miércoles, 28 de febrero de 2018

Some thoughts about All-New Wolverine #31

Deadpool and the Honey Badger are together again!

Gabby has asked Wade for help to stop a series of strange experiments that have happened to Jonathan and his family.

Some thoughts about Mera: Queen of Atlantis #1

Is Mera ready to be the Queen of Atlantis?

Mera's last encounter in the ocean made her pretty vulnerable and now she will have to deal with all sort of threats without her powers. However, that's the least of her concerns since an old and powerful enemy has come back.

Some thoughts about The Silencer #2

Can The Silencer escape from her old life?

Honor is trying to protect her family from knowing the truth about her past but once that old associates come from her, things will get more and more difficult to hide.

Some thoughts about Optimus Prime #16

Can Soundwave find a side?

Since the early days of the war, Soundwave has been trying to connect to people and looking for an objective in common but things have never been easy for him nor the rest.

Some thoughts about The Terrifics #1

The Dark Multiverse has open the door for new heroes.

Mr. Terrific has decided to learn what happened after the event that almost destroyed the multiverse and in his way he will find many people that are currently feeling lost.

Some thoughts about Transformers: Lost Light #15

Is this the end of The Scavengers?

Scorponok is ready to recreate the Decepticon army in his own way and to do that, he will have to get rid of the only people in his way.

Some thoughts about Moon Knight #192

Can Moon Knight be saved?

Marc has been fighting Ra's forces for a while not but soon he will realize that the words of the deity might make more sense than he imagined.

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #17

The Teen Titans are over in many ways.

Beast Boy can't help but feeling lost after their headquarters were destroyed and things are going to get even worse once that he finds new friends.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #41

Can Wonder Woman defeat an horde of villains?

Darkseid is still planning his ascension while Diana will have to deal with a mysterious attack caused by strange enemies.

Some thoughts about Hal Jordan & the Green Lanterns #39

Hal Jordan has been captured and is up to the Green Lantern Corps to save him.

The rest of team will have to save one of their teammates no matter the powers that General Zod and his family have.

Some thoughts about The Flash #41

The Flash is losing it.

Barry has just lost his powers and his family will have to deal with the threat of Grodd but Grodd's words might have had a stronger effect on Barry than he expected.

viernes, 23 de febrero de 2018

Highly anticipating in February 28th 2018

In the following order:

Recommendations from the week February 21st 2018

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The Silencer #2 Preview

Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #39 Preview

Moon Knight #192 Preview

All-New Wolverine #31 Preview

miércoles, 21 de febrero de 2018

Some thoughts about Batwoman #12

Batwoman will have to save her sister once again.

Kate can't help but remember her time with one of old lovers and all the things that forced them to become enemies.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #38

Harley Quinn will have to face some of the most obscure villains.

Criminals from Gotham City are causing chaos everywhere and Harley is the only one who can stop them.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #33

Aquaman will have to save his world.

Arthur is ready to defeat Rath and make Mera the Queen of Atlantis but do so, first he will have to save her life.

Some thoughts about Super Sons #13

Mother does not know best.

Talia Al Ghul has come back for Damian once again but she was not counting that now he has a friend who is ready to fight for him.

Some thoughts about The Brave & the Bold: Batman & Wonder Woman #1

Batman and Wonder Woman will have to team-up once again.

Wonder Woman has just been visited by a deity who needs her aid and soon she will realize that she's not the only one involved here.

Some thoughts about Damage #2

Can someone stop the damage?

Ethan has found himself turned into a monster and is constantly fighting against its influence. Things will get worse once that the Suicide Squad comes for him.

Some thoughts about Trinity #18

The Trinity will have to fight against time.

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have found themselves in Skartaris and are forced to be in the middle of the war and all the conditions this strange land brings.

Some thoughts about Green Lanterns #41

The Green Lanterns will have to go incognito.

After capturing one of the Omega Men, Simon and Jessica will learn that there's a much more dangerous purpose in the dating app that everyone around the world has been using.

Some thoughts about Superman #41

A planet has chosen to die.

An entire race has decided to meet their fate and Superman is starting to doubt if is his right to save them.

Some thoughts about Batman #41

Batman is being controlled.

A mysterious force is affecting Bruce's mind and he suddenly will realize that he's not the only one.

Some thoughts about Justice League #39

The Justice League keeps losing the trust of the world.

The Fan is still trying to help the team in his own way while they're trying to save all the people they can and somehow that will cause them even more trouble.