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Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #35 (Vlog)

Some thoughts about Earth 2: World's End #4

The world continues to end.

Atlantis has fallen under the forces of Apokolips. Green Lantern will have to face Solomon Grundy once again. Fury will learn her true origin.

Some thoughts about Futures End #26

What could be the fate of this future'

Mister Terrific is ready to confront Bruce Wayne. Both Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch will need to get over their differences to save the world. Fifty-Sue is ready to play a bigger role than anyone could have imagined.

Some thoughts about Sinestro #6

How will Sinestro react against the attack of the New Gods?

Despite that he doesn't particularly cares about the fate of the rest of the Corps, Sinestro knows that he needs to face the deities and so he has decided to fight for the universe no matter what he will need to sacrifice.

Some thoughts about Justice League Dark Annual #2

The Justice League Dark is about to face a threat that could change them forever.

The House of Mystery has played an important role for the team almost since its creation but now such entity will depend on them to confront the House of Secrets and such conflict could mean the end for the relationship between their previous owners.

Some thoughts about Justice League United Annual #1

The Justice League United is not prepared for one of the most terrible threats they're gonna face.

After they saved Ultra from the hand of Byth, the team decided to keep him for his own sake. However, The Legion of Super-Heroes believe he will become a danger for the future and they could be right.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn Annual #1

Harley Quinn will need to enter Arkham Asylum to save the person she loves.

Harley has just discovered that the current kidnapping was planned by someone who she has never met and she will have to endure a series of strange hallucinations if she wants to survive.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #35

Wonder Woman's journey has come to an end.

Diana's life has changed a lot since the day she met Zola, so much that it almost feel like everything was part of a bigger plan. Now, Diana will need all the strenght he has gained over the course of her travels to defeat the First Born and save everyone she loves.

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Some thoughts about Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie #3

Can the G.I. Zombie stop a menace that could destroy everything?

A strange disease is infecting people which makes them want to kill everyone. Despite of how familiar that might sound to Jared he might not be ready for what he's about to face.

Some thoughts about Secret Origins #6

Learn about the origins of these heroes from a new perspective.

What made Wonder Woman leave Paradise Island? What is the thing that gave purpose to Deadman's existence? What is Sinestro's biggest fear?

Some thoughts about The Flash #35

Can The Flash survive the encounter with himself?

Future Flash has decided to kill the Barry from the present to avoid the future he provoked. However, just when the murderous speedster is about to accomplish his mission, another Flash will appear.

Some thoughts about Earth 2: World's End #3

What's the fate that awaits to Earth 2?

Some of the Wonders from the world are being controlled by Apokolips and now the rest of the heroes will have to do what they can to stop more destruction. Unfortunately, that might not happen yet.

Some thoughts about Deathstroke #1

Nothing can stop Deathstroke the Terminator from coming back.

After a recent encounter with one his lovers, Slade will be betrayed and persecuted by people who want him and not even his healing factor mght be able to save him this time.

Some thoughts about Futures End #25

How can the future recover from this?

The Atom and his team are still trying to survive. Cadmus is about to face one of their biggest menaces. Firestorm is in peril to disappear.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #35

Aquaman's worst fears are about to get real.

After his battle against the Chimera and the traitors from Atlantis, Arthur has decided to start taking a more active role as a king and hire Doctor Shin to help him. However, despite of his best efforts the problems are about to get worse.

Some thoughts about Infinity Man and the Forever People #4

The Forever People are not made to deal with common people.

After their last escape, the group of young New Gods will be forced to interact with the rest of the world despite of how dangerous that might end-up being. However, things will get worse once that they get involved into the war between their race and the Lantern Corps.

Some thoughts about Justice League Dark #35

What is the thing that Zatanna wishes the most?

After a strange event, the Justice League Dark has been separated and Zatanna is currently lost in a place that is both different but familiar for her and she will need to escape despite of her own suffering.

Some thoughts about Catwoman #35

Catwoman is about to enter into a new world.

Selina has become one of the crime bosses in Gotham City and she's ready to make some changes no matter the kind of enemies she could create nor the allies she could reject.

Some thoughts about Red Lanterns #35

Guy can't simply get a break.

After the battle with Atrocitus, Guy has decided to spend time with Tora but apparently that's not allowed since the New Gods are ready to go for his ring and world.

Some thoughts about Superman #35

The Men of Tomorrow are not prepared for what's coming.

The Machinist is trying to escape from both Superman and Ulysess but that might be the least of their concerns right now since a mysterious figure is apparently manipulating the events and Ulysses has decided to create the planet his parents wished for.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #11

The team-up you didn't know you wanted.

Harley Quinn has just found Power Girl, or at least someone who looks like her, and has decided to help her to recover. However, a crazy girl taking care of someone might not be the best idea.

Some thoughts about The Multiversity: The Just #1

Are the legacy of the world's greatest superheroes ready for what's coming?

A new generation of heroes and villains has taken over and they're far away from their parents' roots. Selfish, egocentric and ultimately bored, these young superhumans simply don't know what to do with their superpowers and that might be their worst mistake.

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