miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #44

The Darkstars' murders around the universe continue.

Tomar-Tu finally got revenge from the person who killed his father and now Hal and the Green Lantern Corps will be forced to get new allies despite of their differences.

This story continues in the best way possible.

Robert Venditti delivers a new installment where he focuses on plot-development and characterization. The chapter opens strongly with the murder of Goldface which is a bit of a shame considering his role during Geoff Johns' Flash run but at least Goldface's personality is addressed in a way that make sense. Barry also appropriately appears here and his portrayal is pretty solid which contrasts his character nicely with Hal's, this is also quite adequate considering the involvement of all of them during Crisis on Infinite Earths where the murder of Tomar-Re happened.

Best of all is how the ideas are coming together since most of encounters the Corps had over the course of this run had a purpose and is going to escalate quickly to the upcoming fight against the Darkstars. Hope we see the Sinestro Corps soon again.

Brandon Peterson handles the art and is really solid with strong character models and storytelling.

Good read, hope the rest of the arc remains as good.

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