miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about New Challengers #1

The world not only needs new heroes but new challengers.

Several people perished during the attack of the Dark Multiverse and those people might find another chance to live but not under their own condition.

Here we go again, another Metal spinoff has arrived, this time based on one of the most obscure teams in the DCU. The Challengers of the Unknown never had the level of success that their Marvel counterparts (The Fantastic Four) had but they still received multiple incarnations over the years and now from the hands of Scott Snyder and Aaron Gillespie, they might have gotten their most interesting one yet.

I have been complaining a fair bit about Snyder's work recently but I believe he still has pretty solid premises for the most part and this one is proof of that. The writers reinterpret the classic team as a whole army that tries to deal with the most strange threats that occur in the world, a legacy that needs to be continued. The thing is that it only recruits people who are already dead. This alone makes the whole direction much more intriguing since it puts all these people in a situation where they're forced to save the world no matter their own thoughts about it.

In fact, the first thing this issue does to demonstrate how dangerous their new job is is to kill one of the members of the cast that seemed like it was going to play an important role which is admitedly a pretty surprising twist and shows how they basically have no choice but cooperate with the mission. It also makes you care about most of them since it tells you enough to be invested.

Andy Kubert handles the art and his work is very typical for a superhero comic but also very solid thanks to the clear storytelling and detailed style.

Good beginning overall, on board now.

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