miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Sideways #4

Life is not easy for teenage superheroes.

Another supervillain has appeared around the city and Derek will have to stop him without knowing that there's somebody more dangerous threatening his family and him.

Well, this issue didn't progress the plot that much but it compensates it with a good set-up.

Dan Didio and Justin Jordan bring the fun superheroics in yet another energetic chapter. The new supervillain who appears here is not particularly complex but he's entertaining enough and presents a decent threat for Derek while this also allows to the reintroduction of another obscure teenage superhero like Hot Spot who hopefully will continue to appear in the book.

One of the best aspects of the book, the family and friend dynamics, remain and they're still pretty enjoyable. The natural dialogue make all this sections feel realistic despite of the unrealistic scenarios and makes the characters much more likable. Again, this installment mostly serves as a set-up for events that are about to come including a threat focused on Sideways' abilities and a new antagonist who has big plans for the protagonist.

Keneth Rocafort remains in art duties and his work is still what makes this book shine thanks to his kinetic style and creative storytelling. He's the reason why the villain seems more interesting than he actually is, the design is eye-catching.

Solid read, hope we see more story progression in the next one.

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