miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about The Silencer #5

The Silencer's normal life is coming to an end.

Hope believes she was betrayed by Talia and now is going to put an end all of this but what they don't know is that both are being manipulated.

This story continues to improve thankfully.

Dan Abnett offers a new installment where reveals more about the bigger picture of the world of assassins. The interactions between Hope and Deathstroke are solidly done, mostly because is fixated on their backgrounds as mercenaries and how there might be no escape for people like them while the dynamic between Talia and Hope manages to progress the plot solidly thanks to their past and how manipulative the former can be while also showing interesting twists around the way.

If I had a complaint though, it would be that they didn't exploit Deathstroke as well as they could. He's also a mercenary, fine but most important than that though, he's a father and famous for being a terrible one. They could have created a more interesting contrast between Hope and Slade, about how the latter prefers his life as a killer simply because his normal one with his family is terrible and how Hope is the better person because of that.

Viktor Bogdanovic is one of the reasons behind the vast improvement this book thanks to his strong storytelling and wonderful character models that get the best from every scene.

Good read, hope the next one contains more plot though.

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