miércoles, 29 de julio de 2015

Some thoughts about Daredevil #17

The two most important persons in Daredevil's life are in danger.

The Kingpin had managed to capture both Kirsten and Foggy and now Matt will have to suffer the attack of one of the strongest adversaries he has ever faced. How will he be able to succeed?

Some thoughts about Batgirl Annual #3

Batgirl will need to team-up with different allies if she wants to succeed.

A terrorist group called Gladius is creating chaos in several places and many of the heroes from Gotham City and other places will need to cooperate if they want to stop them.

Some thoughts about Batgirl #42

Livewire is back and she's ready to take revenge on everyone including Batgirl.

Barbara is just getting used to the fact that her father is the new Batman and they will need to make this new dynamic work but both will to learn to deal with that if they want to defeat the recently arrived supervillain.

Some thoughts about Lobo Annual #1

Lobo will need to deal with one of his biggest challenges yet.

Someone wants Sinestro's head and such person has hired Lobo for the job. However, there's more than it seems about this whole situation and Lobo will soon learn that he might have been manipulated.

Some thoughts about The Flash Annual #4

How did Zoom manage to get his own army?

Over the course of the years, Eobard Thawne has been recruiting several people with abilities similar as his all to be able to fight The Flash but he has never told any of them his true intentions.

Some thoughts about Transformers: Windblade #5

Windblade and her friends will need to play with Velocitron's own rules.

Forced into a race for the future cooperation between Cybertron and Caminus, Blurr will have to demonstrate his skills but he might not be ready for the kind of tricks these people are used to.

Some thoughts about Transformers: Combiner Hunters #1

The war of combiners might be over but a new one is still going to appear.

Windblade is decided to retrieve the Enigma of Combination whatever the cost. Unfortunately, Arcee wants the same and she's ready to defeat everyone in her way to do so.

Some thoughts about Transformers: More than Meets the Eye #43

Swerve's life is in danger and the only way to save him is to get into an even weirder world.

The crew from the Lost Light has suddenly discovered that Swerve has disappeared and they will need to project their own consciences in an universe of his own making. However, even if they manage to save him, their problems are far from over.

Some thoughts about Superman #42

What revealed the truth about Superman?

Lois has been tracking the identity of the hero since he appeared on the scene. However, he finally will realize that he has been closer than she could have imagined and when this happens, the rest of the world will also realize the same.

miércoles, 22 de julio de 2015

Some thoughts about Loki: Agent of Asgard #16

It's the final war between the Gods of Asgard and Loki to make everything change.

King Loki has started once again an invasion towards his own people and the only person who can stop him is himself but does he have what it takes to change destiny?

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #10

The Teen Titans are about to clash.

Manchester Black has ordered his own team to try to capture Superboy but his friends are not ready to give up on him and so they will have to fight even if that means their complete defeat.

Some thoughts about All-New Hawkeye #4

What happened to Hawkeye in the past that connects it to the present?

When he was a kid, the only thing that Clint and his brother wanted was to survive but each one of them had to find their own way to do it. Things won't change once that they reach adulthood.

Some thoughts about Prez #2

Being President could be more ridiculous than anyone could have imagined.

Beth still doesn't know how to react about the idea of her leading a nation but she will need to since the Government might be too incompetent to be trusthworthy.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #42

Aquaman continues to escape from his own people.

There's something controlling Atlantis and has turned it against its own King, but there might be bigger things to worry about considering that a disaster is about to happen around the world.

Some thoughts about We Are Robin #2

The Robins are on a mission to save Gotham City, can they survive?

Duke has been chosen as one of the young heroes that are able to protect the city but things are even bigger than he could have imagines since a mysterious threat is increasing its presence.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #42

Wonder Woman's problems don't seem to stop.

A human wants to become a God and to achieve such objective he's ready to destroy everything in his path, including Diana. That's not her only concern though since some of the members of her own family have their plans about her.

Some thoughts about The Flash #42

The Flash will need to confront the man who made his life hell.

The Reverse-Flash is back but nobody is sure about what his true plans are and Barry's father is ready to protect his son no matter what. Although not even his help could be enough.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn and Power Girl #2

Harley Quinn and Power Girl will need to face some of the strangest threats that they have ever encounter.

From killing robots to Vartox' team of ex-girlfriends, Harley and Kara will find surprise after surprise in this weird world and their problems are just beginning.

Some thoughts about Justice League 3001 #2

The menace of Starro is growing.

The Justice League is currently fighting against the army of possessed people that Starro is controlling and their only chance of victory might be the arrive of a recently awaken Supergirl.

Some thoughts about Transformers #43

The war might be over but the Decepticon's objectives continue.

Soundwave believes in the cause despite that their own leader has abandoned it and them and he's ready to demonstrate his old enemies that his ideology can indeed work.

Some thoughts about Cyborg #1

Cyborg's life is about to get more complicated than ever.

Victor has always been suffering due to being half man and half machine but after getting attacked by strange alien beings and developing new abilities things will get even more problematic.

Some thoughts about Grayson #10

Grayson is on the run.

After seemingly betraying his organization, Dick will have no other choice but try to escape from the people he used to trust and things could get even worse once that he finds the man who killed him once.