miércoles, 31 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Old Man Logan #24

Logan has gone back to his past but is not for the better.

After finally being reunited with his family, Logan believes that he has finally found peace but there are some things that can't last.

Some thoughts about Moon Knight #14

Can Moon Knight fight his biggest fear?

Khonshu has decided to finally get rid of Marc but what he doesn't know is that Marc doesn't need him anymore.

Some thoughts about Transformers: Till All are One #10

Who is manipulating the Combaticons?

Starscream has just discovered a way to infiltrate into Blastoff's mind and is ready to approach the rest of the team the same way, as long as Blastoff cooperates.

Some thoughts about Trinity Annual #1

The Trinity will have to face one of their biggest threats yet.

Circe has just unleashed the demon Etrigan towards the world and the only way to stop him is to do an ultimate sacrifice.

Some thoughts about Teen Titans: The Lazarus Contract Annual #1

Can Deathstroke change the past?

Slade is decided to save his son no matter what but the ramifications of this might be bigger than he expected.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman Annual #1

Behold some of the most wonderful stories about the Amazing Amazon.

From her early years to the present, Wonder Woman has done nothing but spreading the truth to everyone who has met her.

martes, 30 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about The Flash #23

Can the Brave and the Bold save the day?

Barry is celebrating his birthday and each one of his loved ones is present but he can't help but worry about what would happen if his worst enemy finds him right now.

Impreviews for May 31st 2017

Quick impreviews go!

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Some thoughts about Blue Beetle #9

Can Blue Beetle save the world without his powers?

Jaime has lost the scarab and now is forced to use Ted's old tech to help his friend and the rest of the planet.

Some thoughts about Optimus Prime #7

The battle for peace continues.

Optimus is trying to make his relationship with humans stronger but even his own people might have other plans.

Some thoughts about Deathstroke #19

Deathstroke will do whatever it takes to revive his son.

Slade has gained superspeed and is ready to go back in time to prevent Grant from dying, although this might bring bigger consequences.

Some thoughts about Batgirl #11

Batgirl's love life is about to kill her.

Ethan has showed who he really is an is ready to take Burnside under his control unless Batgirl is able to stop him.

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #7

Is the Justice League ready for new threats?

The Atom is trying to find a cure for Killer Frost's condition but they won't have much time to deal with it once that a new supervillain appears.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #23

Wonder Woman will have to deal with the truth.

Ares has revealed the real events to Diana and now she will have to stop his sons once for all.

Some thoughts about Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #21

The future of the Green Lantern Corps might be saved for now.

Sarko has unleashed Krona's Gauntlet against the Corps and the only hope to stop him is Hal although there may be more about his presence than they initially expected.

Some thoughts about Detective Comics #957

Gotham needs better heroes.

The Wrath has returned and he's asking for Batman's attention but the only thing he will get is someone else to spoil his plans.

lunes, 22 de mayo de 2017

Justice League of America #7 Preview

Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #21 Preview

Batgirl #11 Preview

Blue Beetle #9 Preview

Deathstroke #19 Preview

Wonder Woman #23 Preview

Detective Comics #957 Preview

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Some thoughts about Aquaman #23

Is Aquaman cursed to lose his throne?

After recent events, Atlantis has decided that Arthur is no longer fit to rule them and so they have chosen a new King although Mera and Arthur might have something to say about it.

Some thoughts about Archie #20

Archie is about to fight his rival once again.

Just when Archie thought that everything was going fine between Veronica, Betty and him, Reggie decided to challenge him to a race which could put their lives in peril.

Some thoughts about The Wild Storm #4

The plans are coming into fruition.

Henry Bendix is revealing his status and influence around the world while the other organizations are trying to control the dangers that are about to come.

Some thoughts about Green Arrow #23

Green Arrow's world is being destroyed.

Ollie is still trying to save Seattle from the Four Horsemen but even with the help of his friends, he might be too late already.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #20

Can Harley Quinn survive the threat from the future?

Harley is still dealing with the recent murders that happened around town and now her own life is in peril since a woman related to Batman has come for her.

Some thoughts about Trinity #9

The Trinity will have to deal with another alien threat.

Clark, Bruce and Diana thought that their problem were over once that they escaped from Mongul's plans but now they will have to deal with a powerful entity who is decided to end their whole team.

Some thoughts about Batwoman #3

Batwoman will to deal with her past.

After returning to one of her former lover's home, Kate will be forced to face an old enemy who is ready to destroy everything around her.

Some thoughts about Super Sons #4

The Super Sons' final battle against Kid Amazo is finally here.

Kid Amazo has been using his powers and the technology he robbed to hurt others, even his own family. Now, both Robin and Superboy will have to defeat him to prevent him from causing more damage.

Some thoughts about Nightwing #21

Nightwing and The Flash are together once again.

Wally has just paid a visit to Bludhaven and there's no better way to spend the time but with his best friend. However, things are never going to get easy for them.

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #8

Can the Titans work together?

Robin is trying to figure out what happened to Wally but to do so, he will have to work alongside the team who is currently in the same situation.

Some thoughts about Superman #23

Who is behind the recent attacks?

Lois and Clark are trying to find out what happened to their son and they will suddenly realize that there's a bigger mystery behind Jon's disappearance.

Some thoughts about Batman #23

Why is Swamp Thing in Gotham City?

Someone has murdered Alec Holland's biological father and is up to Bruce and him to find the culprit but even if they do so this is not the biggest problem they will have to face.