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Some thoughts about Catwoman #25

Zero Year tie-in

Selina Kyle is just a young woman trying to survive in one of the worst disasters that has affected Gotham City but once she realizes that only the poor people are the ones suffering she will have to find abilities she never even knew she had to help those who need her the most.

As far as origin stories go, this was one of the best that Catwoman could receive. At difference from the disastrous 0 issue from last year this story shows a Selina Kyle who had to learn how to use her trademarked skills not only for herself but also for the people she cares about without having to deal with an out of character supernatural concept. John Layman handles the script in a way that connects to most of the history Catwoman and even had an appearance from one of the characters that died at the beginning of this volume. Nice continuity.

Aaron Lopresti is on pencils and he shows his technique at drawing beautiful characters with great style.

Quite the improvement over the previous issues, it's a shame that next month we will go back to usual Ann Nocenti nonsense.

Some thoughts about Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. #2

Now that the surperheros have disappeared Steve Trevor will have to handle the Secret Society by himself.

Despite of Steve being able to survive the attack made by Deathstroke and the rest of the supervillains there are still several threats in the world and to stop them he will be forced to make a deal with an otherworldly entity.

Pretty nice issue. Sterling Gates plays with this characters pretty well by exploring their different motivations, personalities and strenghts, especially concerning Steve since he's able to take the Secret Society by himself and shows that he had a history besides what we saw in the pages of Justice League. Killer Frost also has an appearance and Gates developes more of her character as in her one-shot from Villains Month.

My major gripe here is the art. Neil Edwards handles it but it's pretty uneven which could be due to having two different inkers but even with that disadvantage it should be more consistent.

Solid story so far. I think this is my favorite Forever Evil tie-in.

Some thoughts about Justice League Dark #25

Constantine knows evil and he's willing to eradicate it by any means.

Swamp Thing is furious due to the creation of his clon but he also understands that there's a bigger problem ahead and so he decides to join Constantine's mission and their first step is to get the persons who started evil, the Trinity of Sin.

I got to handle this to J.M. DeMatteis, he seriously has improved this book. He combines both the complexity from the stories made by Peter Milligan and the intense action from Jeff Lemire on this book while also injecting his own classic themes about the concept of evil and darkness.

I also have to mention that I really like his portrayal of Constantine. He's much more human, more flawed now in comparison to his previous portrayal on this title but equally as competent. I really like what Ray Fawkes has done for the character but I'm glad I'm getting an alternative interpretation too.

By the way, the Sea King is alive. How? Why? I suppose they will explain it over the course of the story.

Mikel Janin continues on art and if you loved him before you will keep loving him and I do love him.

Great issue. My only complaint is the forced crossover and the rise of the price but this had so much content that it's not even a complaint anyway.

Some thoughts about Red Lanterns #25

Sector 2814 belongs to the Red Lanterns now and that includes earth.

Now that there are no Green Lanterns allowed, the Red Lanterns can protect the sector as whatever they please and so they decide to start acting instead of reacting and their first new mission is to take a dictator from a whole planet.

Since he started his run on this title Charles Soule has been able to inject personality in characters that were lacking on that department previously and this issue is no different. We see the usual well handled team dynamics with interesting arguments from each member of the cast and even interesting concepts being developed and explained here, not as heavy as the ones in Green Lantern: New Guardians but still pretty compelling ones.

Alessandro Vitti continues improving by the month, I remember how I didn't like his work at first but now he can handle great figures from both humans and aliens.

Another excellent issue. I'm glad that Soule keeps delivering the goods.

Some thoughts about The Flash #25

Barry Allen's first case will have to depend on his skills instead of his powers.

Before he became The Flash, Barry Allen was still a person who was willing to help people no matter the cost and that brought him to Gotham where the events from Zero Year has made the city succumb to chaos. Not everything is a problem though since this is the first time he will meet Iris.

This was quite great issue actually. Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato create a story perfectly suited for Gotham and they're able to compare the different perspectives between a person from Central City like Barry and someone from Gotham like Harvey Bullock, that was nice dynamic and something that gives you a glance about what they're preparing for their upcoming run in Detective Comics which is good, really good.

The interaction between Barry and Iris was well done of course as this creative team demonstrates their skills at writing these characters for the last time and it's a great send-off that even connects to their first issue. It was really satisfactory.

The first part of the story is drawn by Chris Sprouse with fantastic storytelling skill and the latter half was drawn by Manapul with the usual beauty.

Excellent conclusion for both of these writers, they have improved a lot over this run. Gonna miss them.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #25

Is king versus king in the final battle for Atlantis.

Arthur has discovered which are the true responsibilities of the King of the Seven Seas and has realized that the Dead King is not apt to take the mantle of the ruler of their nation and it will take the power of a missing artifact to end this fight and start the new mission that Arthur has created.

This was an... adequate final issue frankly. The confrontation betwen Arthur and the Dead King was shorter and less spectacular than what I was expecting and there weren't a lot of mentions about the rest of the races from Atlantis and there are several questions that still remain unanswered like, whatever happened to The Scavenger?

Also, it seems like the 6 months that passed didn't really affect much. Sure, the Dead King conquered everything but almost every other character remained the same, there was no much change on that front, I was expecting a more fullfilling conclusion. Although is not really a conclusion since the next big Aquaman story is going to take place in Justice League and it seems like Johns is going to keep giving relevance to the franchise. I guess it works as a set-up.

Good aspect I can mention were the interaction Arthur and Mera, Arthur and Vulko and the ones that come from a character that appeared in Villains Month, that was a nice surprise.

Paul Pelletier's art is good but it seems kinda rushed this time, not as polished as usual. This could be due to having to draw extra pages for this story.

Anyway, appropiate ending then again it's not really the end.

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Aquaman: A history of successes, failures, deaths and reboots

 What's the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear about Aquaman?

If you're a non-comic reader it will probably be: "Oh, the guy who talks to fish", "The Superfriend who needs to be in the water" or even "The lamest superhero ever".

And you know what? Based on the references that you see in TV, movies and the internet, who could blame you?

Is not easy being Aquaman, he's a pretty hard character to get right, not even mentioning making him cool, that doesn't mean that people haven't tried though since he has been treated by several great creators including: David Michelinie, Steve Skeats, Jim Aparo, Neal Pozner, Craig Hamilton, Curt Swan, Keith Giffen, Peter David, Esteban Maroto, Rick Veitch, Will Pfeiffer, Kurt Busiek, among others so as you can see there's no shortage of talent on his history nor people uninterested in his potential.

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Some thoughts about Green Lantern: New Guardians #25

Kyle Rayner is dead to eveybody, except for those he wants to know about his whereabouts.

Carol has finally found Kyle after Relic's attack just to find that he's not planning to go back to the Corps since he's new mission consist in exploring the most mysterious places around the universe and he has found one of them in Exuras one of the most perfect planets that exists but there's a price for all of its wonder.

This pretty much is a new beginning for Kyle Rayner and the creative team of Justin Jordan and Brad Walker. After having to follow the mandated storyline that was happening on the Green Lantern franchise they're finally free to start telling their own stories and this is a pretty great way to begin.

A perfect planet that depends on stealing little moments from other timelines and basically ruin them to preserve its beauty? That's just heavy stuff. Great concepts coupled with engaging and funa dialogue makes this the best issue from this series yet.

Brad Walker deserves a lot of the credit for the quality of this story of course. Amazingly creative and expressive as it needs to be.

This is the best issue yet as I said and may even be the best current GL title now.

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Some thoughts about Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #2

The Rogues' first encounter with the Crime Syndicate could be their last.

Deathstorm has been able to mess up with the powers of the group and Captain Cold and the rest of The Rogues are trying their best to survive from the supervillains who want their heads.

This was an okay issue actually but just like the previous one, not really impressive. Brian Buccellato continues to deliver a serviceable characterization for The Rogues but not a particularly complex one and the conflict between the supervillains is not as entertaining as it could have been.

Another thing I must add is that this issue seems to hint that this team is going to lose their powers eventually, I don't know how I should feel about that.

Scott Hepburn handles the art and I don't think it's a good fit for the book, he draws overexaggerated expressions and the anatomy of their characters is not that good.

Solid issue but not exactly great. Things better start looking more interesting.

Some thoughts about Batwoman #25

Zero Year tie-in.

Kate Kane has always need to deal with the dead of her loved ones but the most recent news of her uncle's passing and the disaster that is affecting Gotham City will leave her no other choice but to jump to action and have her first conflict with her future girlfriend Maggie Sawyer.

This marks the beginning of Marc Andreyko's run on this series and it's a pretty solid first issue. Andreyko continues the same style that J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman established on their run by having a huge emphasis on the family theme and Kate's heroic nature.

It bears to mention that Andreyko is trying to connect Kate Kane to the Batfamily much more than before, showing how she had an interesting friendship with her cousin Bruce Wayne, I was having a few doubts about this new direction but the dynamic was portrayed good enough to make me invested on its future.

The art is handled by four different artists consisting of Trevor McCarthy, Andrea Mutti, Pat Oliffe and Jim Fern, this may sound a bit worrying at first but their styles mix pretty well for the tone of each scene and are able to maintain a similar style for the whole issue.

Solid start for this new writer. I'm hoping the better for the future.

Some thoughts about Afterlife with Archie #2

 Archie and zombies! How I never noted this before?!

Riverdale is still suffering after the dangerous magic that Sabrina performed and Jughead is paying the consequences of his acts. People are dying and getting infected, the only hope is to hide in Veronica's mansion but they may not be as safe as they think.

I don't even know how this didn't catch my view the first time, I know I didn't even put my thought on the first issue but I couldn't help myself to comment about this one. The world of Archie have been twisted in a way I never thought possible, I mean sure, you can see Marvel doing zombie stories but Archie?!

Okay, okay, I'm getting out of the shock. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is playing with these classic characters by making them a bit more realistic and a bit more mean. Betty and Veronica are much more hateful towards each other, Veronica especially seems to not have any qualms to show her dislike for other people, poor Jughead has lost all hope and most surprisingly, Ginger and Nancy seems to have a relationship in this universe, could this transition into the main one?

Francesco Francavilla is an expert on horror and his pencils reflect his expertise at creating a creepy atmosphere and the brutal zombie attack.

Surprisingly twisted issue and series. I almost feel bad for reading this but I'm such a sucker for zombie stories and this is such a good one that it's hard to not keep wanting more.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #25

Strife is going to meet Wonder Woman to pay her respects or is she planning something else?

Cassandra is torturing Milan to get Diana attention, could she be able to trust Hermes one more time to save his brother and Strife to watch Zola's baby?

This was a pretty good issue. The plot moves a bit slow as usual but Brian Azzarello utilizes this to build the relationships between all the characters from this series by creating a good interaction, conflict and plot points that have been developed since the beginning. Diana is of course at the center of this whole story and she does her best to try to keep her family together despite of their hate for each other.

Goran Sudsuka comes back on pencils and his work is as great as in his First Born issue. Really detailed and able to keep the established style.

Great story, it may need to up the pacing a bit but it compensates it with everything else.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #0

The Clown Princess of Crime is back on her first ongoing.

If you had a comic book series focusing on your life who would you choose to draw it? That's something that Harley will have to find in the hilariously meta issue.

Do I really need to mention how wonderfully insane this issue was? I had forgotten that Amanda Conner was a pretty competent writer aside from being a fantastic artist as shwon in works like Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre. The way how she and Jimmy Palmiotti insert themselves as the voices on Harley's head was a pretty fun decision and helped to move the story in this crazy, fourth wall breaking experience reminiscing a lot of John Byrne's Sensational She-Hulk (a great compliment) where of course the real stars are the artists.

And man what artists, this was a special issue where a lot of famous pecillers were able to draw a page. Amanda Conner drew a few scenes and they're gorgeous while also commenting on how much she likes to draw boobs. Becky Cloonan made Harley Quinn a murderous rockstar while Tony Daniel turned her into a giant robot, Stephane Roux gives her a bit of boycandy, Dan Panosian goes retro with her and Walter Simonson gos ninja, Jim Lee shows with an old altered page from Hush and Bruce Timm appears with play on Mad Love, Adam Hughes jokes about his innability to keep an schedule while Darwyn Cooke does a wonderful page featuring Jimmy and Amanda on their wedding while making fun of the sales of Batwing and All Star Western, etc.

I would be all day talking about the artists but it would be better if you see them yourselves. What I can comment though is that the last pages featuring penciller Chad Hardin, the future ongoing artist, are pretty good, much better than his work on Demon Knights thankfully. He's a nice addition.

As I said, wondefully insane issue. Although it's a shame that it seems like they're not going to keep breaking the fourth wall in the future

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What went wrong with Grant Morrison's Action Comics?

Have you ever been excited for a new creative team that looks perfect for a certain series only to end completely disappointed with the final product?

I'm pretty sure you have since is something quite common in every entertainment medium.

Well, that's not exactly what happened to me with Morrison's run on Action Comics but it's close.

Let's start talking about how everything began. Superman, one of DC's oldest and most popular franchise was stagnant after the cosntant unappealing crossovers and some failed experiments like author JMS' infamous "Grounded" storyline which focused on Superman trying to reconnect himself with humanity by walking across America, it was an interesting premise that ultimately ended as a letdown in terms of execution and wasn't even finished by JMS but by writer Chris Roberson who did the best he could to try to save the story but the damage was already done.

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What makes Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino's run on Green Arrow the best the character ever had?

My friends, you know I love comics , you know I love superheroes, but do you know who my favorite superhero of all time is? The answer is none other than Green Arrow.

An unusual choice I know, most people would probably pick some of the most recognizable characters but there's something that has always attracted me about Oliver Queen's personality.

I never particularly cared about the aspects that made him popular on the first place like his liberal views and hotheaded attitude, it was more about how he, among all the other DC heroes, represented a real man. The man who is flawed, the man who makes mistakes, the man who doesn't excels at anything truly impressive (Except at being an archer) but still always tries to be something more.

That kind of  hero is really difficult to portray and is especially difficult to making him likable but after so many decades of stories Green Arrow has become one of the most prominent heroes from the DCU.

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Some thoughts about Worlds' Finest #17

Power Girl is still having problems with her powers.

That's the plot of this issue, that's seriously the plot!

There are some positive aspects that Paul Levitz bring to these superheroines like the interaction between each other that makes it seems like a pretty normal friendship, the problem is that only last for a few pages and then we go back to incredibly boring superheroics, Power Girl acting like a self-absorbed chick and one of the slowest and most frustrating stories ever,

So many ways that this book could be saved as I said in my last article dedicated to this series here: http://comicobsessed.blogspot.com/2013/09/is-there-dc-title-more-boring-than.html

However, it seems like DC doesn't really care about giving a competent treatment to these characters anymore so I'm not really optimistic about the future.

The art was handled by both Scott McDaniel and R.B. Silva and they do a quite solid job at depicting the characters and story.

*sigh* Seriously, why do people still bother with this series?

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Some thoughts about Batgirl #25

Zero Year tie-in.

A young Barbara Gordon is trying to save her family from the horrible disaster that is affecting Gotham but does she have what it takes to be such hero?

First of all you must know that this issue is not written by the ongoing writer Gail Simone but instead she's being replaced this month by Marguerite Bennett and based on the strenght of her work here I would consider it a downgrade to go back to Simone.

For one, I'm not exactly a fa of Bennett's writing since she's new to the industry, she has only released two works a Batman Annual co-written along Scott Snyder which was quite good and a Lobo issue in Villains Month which was truly underwhelming, I didn't know what to expect from her on this issue.

However, she not only exceeded expectations but she also delivered one of the best issues from this series. Bennett's portrayal of Barbara Gordon is not as fan-wanky in comparison to Simone's and her narration is much more adequate without the usual Simone's quirks that can get a bit annoying at times. The story has also interesting twist and automatically makes you care about the protagonist.

Fernando Pasarin continues his excellent work on this series that is expressive when it needs to be and tells the story perfectly.

Excellent issue. I'm getting more and more interested in Bennett.

Some thoughts about Superman/Wonder Woman #2

Superman is about to meet Wonder Woman's family, what could possibly go wrong?

After the violent attack that Diana suffered from Doomsday, Clark will have to start getting prepared if the creature appears again and for that reason he will need some help from the Gods of the Olympus but of course, they won't give it easily.

This was actually an improvement over the previous issue. Charles Soule dedicates more scenes to develope Superman and Wonder Woman's relationship this time while also adding to each of their characters and histories. The representation of the Gods was also quite accurate to Brian Azzarello's portrayal on WW's title and it's always cool when Superman fights deities.

Plus, the last page from this issue shows the appearance of a popular Superman villain, what could be his connection to Doomsday?

Tony Daniel continues his work on this book and he's pretty good at displaying action scenes and the personal moments.

Better issue than the last one. Let's hope that this is just the build-up to something bigger.

Some thoughts about Green Lantern Corps #25

Zero Year tie-in.

As part of the Marine Corps John Stewart needs to save the people of Gotham from the disasters that are currently threating them but by doing so he will have to face a group lead by Anarky, one of the new madmen from Gotham.

This is the proper origin issue that John Stewart never received and it's a prett good one at that. Van Jensen along with Robert Venditti continue to develope John in new and interesting ways, mixing perfectly his life as an architect and marine to implement it on the story portarying as a really capable individual who will not follow rules from any person but only from those who he thinks they deserve it.

Pencils are done by Victor Drujiniu and Ivan Fernandez, both do a solid job but their storytelling techniques are a bit hard to follow at times.

Excellent Zero issue for John. I'm glad that he's finally receiving the spotlight he deserves.

Some thoughts about Constantine #8

Constantine has fallen in the clutches of the Cult of the Cold Flame.

After spending a night with Sargon the Sorceress John is being victim of Mister E's brutal nature and to save himself he will have to do what he does best, tricking everybody.

I absolutely love this series. In each issue Ray Fawkes is able to create an interesting situation for Constantine where he needs to use his wits to win and he does it in a way that makes sense and is actually surprising and smart. This story apparently takes place before Trinity War and gives a nice motivation to John for playing in it.

ACO handles the pencils here and his work is quite beautiful, different style from the main artist Renato Guedes but is equal in quality.

Excellent issue. Shame that I won't keep buying this series due to the Blight crossover.

Some thoughts about Justice League of America's Vibe #9

In order to save Gypsy and his brother Vibe will have to sacrifice everything.

On the strange dimension where Gypsy was born her step mother is the complete and cruel ruler who is also the culprit for Armando's brainwave, but the biggest problem might be that one of the people who is trying to help Cisco has more desperate measures to accomplish their mission.

I can express enough my disappointment about the cancellation of this title, especially when is getting so good. The story about a dictator from another dimension who wants to rule others is a classic and is one trope that Sterling Gates handles pretty well, there are also a lot of good character moments for each protagonist and Cisco continues to be one of the most relatable and charming heroes currently.

That's one of the best compliments to this series, it's charming. Vibe forming his own Justice League in another dimension? Charming. The love that exists between the Ramones brothers? Charming, etc. It's something that I find really appealing.

Derlis Santacruz is on art this time and it's okay, not spectacular but he gets the job done.

Good issue. Why didn't you buy this series people?

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #9

Martian Manhunter and Stargirl are still trapped but is that all true?

J'onn has always believed that he could be able to save everyone from this earth but by doing so he was falling into the trap that this strange prison holds, his onlyhope could be the person he understimated the most.

Another pretty good issue, Matt Kindt continues playing with the different psyches from each character while also adding some interesting twists to the story. I must say that I really enjoyed the way he used J'onn's power-set as his weakness ("You try to be everything but at the end you end being nothing") was a brilliant way to create his own prison. Stargirl also receives a nice upgrade to her previous role on the book with little scenes detailing her origin which are reminiscent from her previous incarnation.

Plus, there's a cameo of Yankee Poodle from Captain Carrot and the Amazing Zoo Crew, that's just sweet.

Tom Derenick does the art here and he does an excellent job at keeping the tone that Doug Mahnke has been using on the book.

I'm liking how this story is developing, let's hope that Kindt is able to keep exploring different themes on this series.

Some thoughts about Suicide Squad #25

All the members from the Suicide Squad are about to clash.

Some of them are doing their usual job, some of them are being manipulated and some are just playing the game. Amanda Waller is doing her best to try to fix all the chaos that the Crime Syndicate and the Thinker have created in Belle Reve and by doing so she will have to free one of its most dangerous prisoners.

That's what I'm talking about! After this issue I have no doubts that Matt Kindt has improved practically everything on this book. Each character appearing here received a interesting moment that defines his/her personality and motivations while also progressing the plot in a satisfying way and adding interesting twists to the story and new developments for the future.

Speaking of characterization, Kindt does a quite good job at depicting all these heroes, antiheroes and villains. I mean that line about Power Girl not wanting to let this world be destroyed like it happened with Earth 2 was a much more worthy portrayal than everything that happened in her own title (Worlds' Finest), the Unknown Soldier is finally getting some personality after being completely devoid of it in Ales Kot's run and James Gordon continues to be a wild card whenever he appears. I better stop right now if I don't want to spoil the whole issue.

By the way, this issue was content packed as hell, you could have fitted the story from the first three issues of Kot's run here.

Patrick Zircher continues to deliver the goods in his wonderfully detailed and appealing art.

Favorite pick of the week? So far it seems so.

miércoles, 6 de noviembre de 2013

Some thoughts about Action Comics #25

Zero Year tie-in, although not really and it works for the better that way.

6 years ago Superman was a cocky superhero who was just getting started on his carreer but he will need to be something more if he wants to save a ship from a destructive hurricane.

This is the beginning of new writer Greg Pak handling this title and it's nothing short of impressive. He is able to maintain the kind of portrayal that Grant Morrison introduced in his run but Pak actually pulls it better by making him less squizophrenic in his dual identity and motivations and much more human, there's no doubt that this is Clark Kent. Pak deserves credit for making a quite likable Lana Lang to play with Superman's perspective, it was a fantastic way to tell the story.

About the story itself, it worked perfectly as a kind of origin story and much better than the proper issue 0 from last year. Superman's powers and limits were explored clearly while his will to save others was perfectly cemented. The best part of this is that is not really a tie-in to Batman but its own story.

Aaron Kuder is in charge of the artwork here and it's simply wonderful, his storytelling skills are top-notch and they complement Pak's script perfectly,  it's a wonderful thing to see.

The backup story is also written by Pak and it's a story told in present time that deals with Superman's abilities and the upcoming adversaries that are going to appear in the future. The pencils belong to Scott McDaniel who actually delivers some of his best works in a while, really clean and appealing.

Promising and exciting, exactly what I want from a new creative team.

Some thoughts about The Movement #6

The Graveyard Faction is taking over Coral City.

Mouse is the only member from The Movement who is able to face him at the time but will his best efforts be enough to stop them? Also, Virtue will have to make a fake exorcism if she wants to save Burden from his own mind.

This was a great issue all-around. Gail Simone is able to inject personality and motivations on each member of the cast while also adding some charming moments to the story, the plot also progress nicely while the different threats keep increasing.

Freddie Williams II's pencils are a really important part of this series, making it expressive and creepy where it's needed.

Really satisfying read. People should be reading this book instead of that other Simone title.

Some thoughts about Green Lantern #25

Oa has been destroyed, the Green Lantern Corps have been weakened, now what?

The GLC are still suffering the effects from Relic's attack and Hal will have to learn to deal with his role as a leader in a more effective way and his new course of action is to find the Star Sapphire Nol-Anj to pay for her crimes.

This is the aftermath of the Lights Out event and it's a pretty promising new direction. Robert Venditti sets a new status quo where the Corps can't use their powers indiscriminately anymore and have to find other ways to fight the different threats that endanger the universe which could be an interesting concept of executed correctly.

The character work is also quite strong. Venditti's Hal is slowly becoming more and more efficient in his leadership by learning from his mistakes and listening to his fellow colleagues, the growth flows naturally.

Billy Tan's pencils keep becoming more polished by each month, now it looks pretty spectacular at some scenes.

Good issue, not a bad way to start this new road.

Some thoughts about Green Arrow #25

Green Arrow just returned from the island to be struck in the events of Zero Year.

Ollie has been thought dead for years but somehow he has returned to save his mother from the black out that is affecting Gotham City where he will find a new adversary, a new ally and he will have his fateful first encounter with Batman.

This issue was pretty good but I don't think it was as good as some of the previous ones. This story serves almost as an origin story for Green Arrow, except that it's not really an origin story as much as is a set-up for future ones, in fact the only image from the island came into the last page from the main plot which promises that it will be told into the next issue, it was a bit disappointing in that front.

Still, it works at reintroducing a villain like Killer Moth and making him a GA rogue while also introducing fan-favorite characters from the Arrow TV show like Moira Queen and Diggle and making them fit into the series. Not to mention that the encounter between Green Arrow and Batman was entertaining although I think it could have been deeper.

Andrea Sorrentino's art is gorgeous as usual, you just have to love the way he draws bearded Ollie and Batman.

The backup story is also written by Lemire but this time it focus on Diggle, it's an interesting tale about his character but once again is mostly a set-up. Denys Cowan handles the art here and is appropiately dark and detailed.

I know that I said that this issue was not as good as the previous ones but it's still my favorite pick of the week. Funny how even when this book doesn't meet with my expectatives is still better than all the others.

Some thoughts about Earth 2 #17

Earth 2 is on war once again and this time faces a much dangerous threat, Superman.

Considered dead for years the greatest superhero of the world has returned to conquer it in Darkseid's name. Now all the remaining heroes will have to face him even if there's no possibility to defeat him and meanwhile, a new Batman has appeared and he heas some desperate measures to combat the new menace.

This is the first issue written by the new ongoing author Tom Taylor, famous for his Injustice: Gods Among Us digital comic, and it's automatically a success already. Despite that previous writer James Robinson did a pretty good job at creating the whole world and its characters, there were always some flaws in his work, especally concerning pacing and narration, it was pretty compelling but not that well executed.

Taylor on the other hand, is pretty polished in those aspects, his dialogue is way more refined and natural than Robinson's, not to mention that he's able to fit much more content in this issue in comparison to the past. About the surprises, there are plenty, you'll see a lot of twists in this story and Taylor is also able to give each character a pretty good moment, not to mention more personality in each of their lines.

And if anyone worries about Batman, he's just barely here. Mission Accomplished!

Nicola Scott remains on art and her pencils are beautifully detailed as usual and shines especially on the personal moments which are plenty.

Success people, this title is in good hands.

Some thoughts about Forever Evil #3

How was the Justice League defeated?

People have been wondering what actually happened to the world's greatest superheroes but now that they know the answer they don't know how to help them. Meanwhile, the Crime Syndicate destroys everything that poses a threat to their new order and Lex Luthor will have to form a new team based on people with the same mentality if they want to have a chance to save to world.

Good issue, Geoff Johns manages to put every villain and antihero here and gives them a reason to act, not only from Luthor's Injustice League but also from the Crime Syndicate, the battle between Ultraman and Black Adam was well depicted and each member from Luthor's team have a solid and on-point reason to join.

I have some complaints though. The way how the JL got defeated was a bit simplistc although unexpected and this issue felt a bit lighter in content this time, it could had move a bit faster.

David Finch's art continues its inconsestency, at some points it looks good and in others it looks pretty rushed.

Again, interesting plot points but it could have been better.

domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013

Some thoughts about Green Lantern Annual #2

The final confrontation between Relic and the Corps will decide the future of the universe.

Despite of their best efforts all different Corps are still being overwhelmed by Relic's power and for that reason the situation will require desperate actions from some of them. Still, even if the Corps win will that be enough?

This was the last part of the initial story that Robert Venditti has been planning since the beginning of his run starting with issue 21 and as a conclusion it works but not spectacularly.

It's pretty obvious that Venditti and DC's editors are trying to follow the same type of cosmic events that Geoff Johns introduced to the franchise and in that matter is serviceable, it has good character moments from each member of the cast (especially from John Stewart who used to be pretty ignored on Johns' run), the story and action progress effectively and the ending promises to have huge ramifications to the Green Lantern universe.

Still, this was a bit uderwhelming. This was solid enough as I said but not something truly impressive, neither as a story nor as an event and certainly not as good as an event written by Johns. It seems that while Venditti is following the direction previously established on the series he's not really apt to make this kind of big crossover storylines (at least not yet).

Sean Chen handles the art and his work is pretty competent. Expressive when it needs to be and action focused when it needs to be.

This was solid definitely but I still feel it lacks something (pretty much what I feel about the whole Venditti's run so far). However, the future looks interesting enough to still be invested.