miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2015

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #11

To prove Superboy's innocence, the Titans will have to go to prison.

Manchester Black has been manipulating the team since the beginning and despite that Tim thinks that he has everything under control it might be too late to escape.

Some thoughts about We Are Robin #3

The band of Robins continue their mission to protect Gotham City.

No matter how inexperienced this group can be, they're decided to help people around the city even if that means fighting against a terrorist group which could mean the death of some of their members.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #19

Is the final battle between the Gang of Harleys and Captain Strong!

Harley and her team have been trying to help the seaweed addict sailor but he's not making things any easier. However, Harley will soon realize that there are new concerns at hand.

Some thoughts about Grayson #11

Dick Grayson will have to fight with the most terrible opponent he has ever faced.

After being accused of a crime he didn't commit, Dick will need to face the true culprit who not only looks exactly like him but also seems to know his whole history. This could be the end of his new life.

Some thoughts about Prez #3

The new President of the United States needs the help of the people.

Beth is decided to make her new job work and for that she will need to hire some of the best minds from this ridiculous world to save the nation.

Some thoughts about The Flash #43

The Flash will need to stop his own father if he wants to learn more about this case.

Henry Allen has escaped from prison to try to save his son from The Reverse-Flash. However, Barry knows that there must a better way to handle this but it might be too late for it.

Some thoughts about Deathstroke #9

Deathstroke will need to battle Gods to survive.

Slade has been fighting alonside Wonder Woman to save Themiscyra. However, the evil God that has been attacking it is more powerful than they could have imagined and Superman's involvement will not make things any easier.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #43

Aquaman will have to deal with Mera's betrayal but is it all what it seems?

Mera hasn't been acting like herself and if Arthur wants to know what's truly happening he will need to help of other kings.

Some thoughts about Justice League 3001 #3

The Justice League will need to start to work together before it's too late.

Several things have changed since they were resurrected and probably the most worrisome is that Lois Lane is now in the body of Ariel Masters secretely manipulating the whole team. However, they might destroy themselves before she does it.

Some thoughts about Batgirl #43

Barbara's lives are starting to get even more complicated.

Babs not only has to worry about being a good bridesmaid to her friend Alysia but also about a bunch of tigers that have been suddenly going free and hurting a lot of people including Barbara's closest ones.

Some thoughts about Sinestro #14

A special member is about to join the Sinestro Corps.

A little child called Nax from desolate planet has been chosen by the ring of fear to be part of Sinestro's army but does he have what it takes?

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #3

The world is about to know the compassion of Rao.

The recently arrived God is ready to let people start to trust him by creating miracles everywhere. However, Batman believes that this could have a cost.

Some thoughts about Superman #43

Lois has learned Superman's identity, what could be the result?

Lois and Clark have made up after she tried to reveal his secret. However, their problems are not going to stop there since the organization that has been persecuting Clark is ready to torture him unless Lois takes a desperate decision.

Some thoughts about Cyborg #2

Cyborg wants to be human again one way or another.

Victor is trying to connect with people to see if that can make him feel better with himself. However, these people he's trying to relate to are starting to get their own upgrades to be just like him and that could be the worst thing imaginable.

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Harley Quinn #19 Preview

Batgirl #43 Preview

Superman #43 Preview

Aquaman #43 Preview

Sinestro #14 Preview

Grayson #11 Preview

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Some thoughts about Doomed #3

Rensen seems to be fated to be hated.

After discovering his current state, Rensen will have to hide it from his closest friends and his new girlfriend but this could be harder than he anticipated since a monster hunter disguised as a kid is ready to go after him.

Some thoughts about Doctor Fate #3

Khalid will need to control his abilities before is too late.

Despite that his father was badly injured, Khalid will have no time to stay with him due to forces are creating a flooding in his city and he will need to use the Helmet of Fate appropriately if he wants to save everyone.

Some thoughts about Black Canary #3

Black Canary is on the run and if they stop it could mean the end.

Dinah's husband, Kurt Lance has arrived to her life once again and he's trying to warn her about the current beings that they're facing as well as the true nature of Ditto. However, this might not be enough to save the little girl.

Some thoughts about Secret Six #5

There's a traitor among the Secret Six, nothing out of usual.

Something happened that put this band of misfits together and they're finally going to learn who was the culprit as well as the events behind it which could result in the death of everyone.

Some thoughts about Loki: Agent of Asgard #17

Behold the Loki's last story.

After being captured by the Gods of Gods, both Loki and Lorelei will need to find a way to escape but even if they manage to do it, there's a final challenge that they're forced to face, King Loki.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #43

Donna Troy has escaped and is up to Wonder Woman to find her.

Strife has been manipulating Donna to make her believe that there's no redemption for her but Diana knows that there's another road for her. However, there are other forces playing a role here.

Some thoughts about Archie #2

Is not easy to make a living in Riverdale, at least not for Archie.

After Betty and him broke, Archie has been focusing on trying to get a job but unfortunately most of them are not for him. However, despite that his last one might also be a disaster, it might help him to find what he was looking for.

Some thoughts about Bizarro #3

Bizarro and Jimmy will need to fight against a threat they can't even touch.

After arriving into a western setting that is strangely full of ghosts, Bizarro will be forced to fight against a group of spectral bandits and if he wants to beat them he will need the help of people of their own kind.

Some thoughts about Transformers: Windblade #6

Windblade will need to learn about the new tribes if she wants to unite them.

Eukaris is a civilization where the robots with beast forms reside and they resent Cybertronians because of their previous actions against their race. However, Windblade will need to demonstrate they need each other despite of their differences.