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Some thoughts about Hawkeye #19

Hawkeye is currently suffering one of his biggest challenges yet, how will he be able to surpass it?

While trying to help others as he usually do, Clint Barton was left completely deaf by the attack of one of his enemies. Now with the help of his brother, Clint will have to try to prepare for an even more dangerous threat, disability or not.

Some thougths about Sinestro #4

Sinestro will have to face his greatest fear once again.

The Inquisition, a group who is ready to forbid any kind of emotion in the universe, are ready to make the Sinestro Corps pay for their acts the way they deserve it. Now Sinestro will have to encounter one of the biggest threats that he had to face in his life, Hal Jordan.

Some thoughts about Futures End #13

What happened during the big war between worlds?

Tim Drake continues to hide his identity, Mister Terrific is obsessed with the Batman of the future and Big Barda will learn she can't escape from the same fate that her friends suffered.

Some thoughts about Aquaman Annual #2

Some of the most horrifying monsters that have ever existed have been liberated, who will be able to stop them?

Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Mera are ready to confront the Giant Born, a group of creatures who are decided to make humanity suffer. However, could their combined forces still be able to stop them?

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #8

Harley Quinn has encountered and killed a lot of enemies for a while, what is she planning to do with them?

While she tries to keep her job at the skate club by being more violent than ever, Harley will also try to get rid of all the corpses of the people who tried to kill her in the most gruesome way possible.

Some thoughts about Red Lanterns Annual #1

Atrocitus is going to strike back in full force and Guy Gardner and his team might not be prepared to stop him.

Atrocitus has decided to create as much chaos and Red Lanterns as he wishes in Earth while Guy can do nothing but trying to save the most people he's able to. However, that's not one of the biggest problems due that there's a traitor in Guy's group and one of his Red Lanterns will have to pay to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Some thoughts about Justice League #32

Lex Luthor has just become one of the most important heroes in the whole world, not everyone is happy with that.

The Justice League has lost a lot of members over the last few months due to the constant crisis they had to face. One of them, Element Woman  now has no other choice but to fight alongside Niles Caulder and his Doom Patrol, a new and completely unique group of heroes that fit her nature much better or at least that's what Caulder wants her to believe.

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Impreviews for July 30th 2014

Quick impreviews go!

Recommendations from Comixology's Robin 101 Sale

As you may have already checked out, Comixology is currently offering a sale based on DC's most popular sidekick based on the different Robins who have existed over the course of the eras to create even more hype for the current "Robin Rises" storyline and so I am here to offer you some recommendations:

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Some thoughts about Daredevil #6

Could Daredevil's memories have been a lie all this time?

Matt Murdock has always believed that his father was one of the best men he ever met but a strange attack that he suffered might make him start reminiscing things either right or wrong. All of this is connected to her mother who is about to receive a much worse punishment she deserves for  the kind of crime she committed.

Some thoughts about Afterlife with Archie #6

The fate of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch might be worse than what anyone could have imagined.

After the terrible mistake she committed of reviving a dead dog to make a friend happy, Sabrina was forced to leave home an enter a strange place where people like her reside. Her problem don't end there though since lately she has been having really terrifying dreams that could foretell what it's about to happen to her.

Some thoughts about Storm #1

One of the most powerful mutants in the world is decided that she doesn't want to see anyone suffer, no matter if they belong to her kind or not.

Ororo Munroe has been known by many names over the course of her life, one of them being Storm. Now, acting as both headmistress of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and a defender of anyone who needs her she will have to try to balance both lives and get the best from them.

Some thoughts about Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie #1

Some soldiers never stop fighting.

Meet Jared, an ex-soldier that despite of all the odds has survived every battle that he has encounter. He's not normal of course, he's a strange undead warrior who continues living no matter how badly he can get hurt and he will. Now,  another soldier called Carmen King and him will have to deal with the kind of missions that only both of them can solve.

Some thoughts about Batman and Robin #33

Batman will bring Damian back to life no matter if he has to face the whole Justice League to do so.

Bruce has just discovered the connection that Apokolips has with the corpse of his son and he's decided to doing so despite of his own limitations. However, he will still need all the help that he can get and even if the Justice League denies it he can always count with the people who are closest to him.

Some thoughts about Secret Origins #4

Are you ready for the truth about the Clown Princess of Crime, the World's Greatest Archer and the Son of Batman?

How did Harley Quinn become the person she is now? Who is Oliver Queen and what's what he treasures the most? What forced Damian Wayne to become Robin? Prepare to know the answers from a new perspective.

Some thoughts about Futures End #12

Whatever happened to Batman and Brother Eye?

Frankenstein and the rest of S.H.A.D.E. continue on their mission to find the culprit of the death of Stormwatch, the mysterious Faraday keeps his manipulation towards the different people who work for him and finally the fate of Bruce Wayne in a world controlled by machines is revealed at last.

Some thoughts about Justice League Dark #33

Deadman has been missing the world of the living, he might get what he wishes for.

Despite of making peace with his current state a long time ago, Boston still desires some of the best things that life can bring and such desire brings him back to Nanda Parbat and makes him meet the person who made the being he is currently. Now, the rest of the Justice League Dark are decided to help him despite of the mysterious events that are happening in that place.

Some thoughts about Red Lanterns #33

The reign of Guy Gardner as leader of the Red Lanterns might be coming to an end.

Both Guy and John Stewart have been pretty distant due to the most recent events that have been affecting their lives. Nonetheless, Guy is decided to fix his relationship with his friend so maybe he can help him to stop Atrocitus who is getting more and more dangerous with each moment and each new member he recruits.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #33

The battle between the King of Atlantis and the Creature King is upon us.

Chimera is free and he's ready to prove himself as Aquaman's superior but while he certainly has the power to proof such claim, his mind is still too weak due to the experiment he had to endure. Now it depends on Arthur to try to stop him and try to save everyone in the process.

Some thoughts about Batman #33

Everything has come down to this.

The final battle between Batman and the Riddler for the fate of Gotham City is at hand, it depends on Batman to guess correctly if he wants to save everyone but even despite that he might think he's ready for it he will still need help no matter what.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #33

Can Wonder Woman and her allies face the fury of the First Born?

Diana has been captured by the First Born in the Olympus and she's being forced to either accept him as her king or watch everything she loves die. However, despite of these circunstances, her friends are not willing to surrender and not even their upcoming death will change that.

Some thoughts about The Flash #33

The Flash is about to face his enemies in different timelines.

Future Flash is decided to stop the Trickster from commiting one of his worst crimes, no matter what this would imply. Meanwhile in the present, Barry Allen needs to keep helping Wally West while also trying to stop the culprit of the murders that have been occurring lately but it might not all be what it appears.

Some thoughts about Superman #33

Superman has finally found someone similar to him, but are they really the same?

Ulysses has arrived to Earth to bring peace and everyone is just as excited for him as they were for Superman back in the day, the Daily Planet especially and this could fix Clark Kent's relationship with them. However, Ulysses is not exactly like Clark despite of what the latter might believe as he will eventually discover.

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Some thoughts about Seconds

What would you do if you could erase all of your mistakes and start anew?

Meet Katie Clay, a 29 years old woman owner of her own restaurant called "Seconds" but that doesn't mean that she doesn't aspire for more, she always keeps looking into the future where maybe she can get anything she wants, a new restaurant, her ex-boyfriend and the attention from every person she desires and she might be able to get it. There are strange events happening in Seconds, events so mysterious that could connect both Katie and one of her employees called Hazel to an unknown spirit who could make the lives of everyone better or worse.

Secret Origins #4 Preview

Impreviews for July 23rd 2014

Quick impreviews go!

The Flash #33 Preview

Recommendations from Comixology's Batman 750 Sale

For people who don't know, Batman is about to reach his 75th anniverssary and it seems that Comixology is ready to celebrate it considering that they're currently offering a sale with some of his best stories ever published and as usual, I'm here to give you some suggestions:

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Some thoughts about Transformers: Age of Extinction

Hello my friends! Once again I'm here to talk about one of the most popular and anticipated movies from this season and it's none other than the fourth installment of the Transformers saga on the big screen.

Yes, I know that again, I maybe shouldn't be covering this series since its origins are not really related to comics but this is still a franchise that has been present for years in the medium too since the 80's at Marvel to present day at IDW so there's a relation...

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What is Worldbuilding and why should you implement it more in your stories?

What is the first thing that you want or expect when you choose a new graphic novel, book or even T.V. series?

Is it interesting characters? Compelling story? Long-term planning? Creative ideas?

Well for me, it's all of that combined but especially a little concept called worldbuilding.