miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about The Terrifics #4

What is awaiting Phantom Girl in her planet?

Mister Terrific has promised to help his whole team and the first thing that he's going to do is taking back Lynnia to her home but things could be way different than she expected.

Surprised at how much I'm enjoying this now.

Jeff Lemire continues this story about this group that are forced to stay together and I should have known that I always have to trust his skills. The shining aspect of this issue is once again the dynamic between these characters which has been the common theme during this series, but here is much, MUCH better implemented. All the different conversations between the cast is handled perfectly and showcases more of their distinctive traits while also being pretty enjoyable by themselves.

Mind you, this being yet another issue focusing on characterization means that the plot doesn't progress much but the things that happen here are so entertaining that compensate for it. A classic Fantastic Four-esque fight against a monstrous alien which allows for a fun adventure that escalates nicely towards the surprising ending which manages to be bittersweet.

Doc Shaner is in charge of the pencils and his work is perfect for this book thanks to this clean style and creative storytelling.

This series has gone from merely "okay" to "really good" quite fast. Good work.

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