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Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #7 Preview

Green Lantern #37 Preview

Earth 2: World's End #9 Preview

Some thoughts about Infinity Man and the Forever People #5

The Forever People continue to get trouble from the people of earth.

The New Gods currently don't have the best reputation and Guy Gardner is ready to beat any of them, no matter if they truly deserve them or not.

Some thoughts about Superior Iron Man #2

What can Tony Stark offer to Matt Murdock that he can't refuse?

Daredevil is decided to stop Tony from using his abilities for his own gain while also hurting others. However, Tony will demonstrate to be smarter than what Matt could have anticipated and he will be beaten in the worst way he could imagine.

Some thoughts about Earth 2: World's End #8

Earth 2 continues to descend into chaos.

Green Lantern is still trying to stop the current threat. Constantine is recruiting Wonders for his plans. The Flash is tries to help everybody.

Some thoughts about G.I. Zombie #4

The G.I. Zombie will have to keep fighting against his own people to find his partner.

Jared is still doing his best to get through the zombie infestation that is destroying everything. Meanwhile, Carmen will discover a bigger secret during their mission.

Some thoughts about The Flash #36

The Flash is lost in the Speed Force, now who will protect Central City?

Futures Barry has returned to the present and he has decided to take advantage of the new opportunity that was given to him to live along his loved ones again. Unfortunately, his murderous tendencies won't stop.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #36

What truly happened to Aquaman's mother?

Atlanna, the former Queen of Atlantis, was presumed death due to an accident, but thanks to the help of the Martian Manhunter, Arthur will realize that there's much more here than he could have imagined.

Some thoughts about Secret Origins #7

Learn about the origins from these heroes from a new perspective.

What makes Barry Allen believe that his father is innocent? What made Helena Wayne the person she is now? What are the true roots of Superboy?

Some thoughts about Gotham by Midnight #1

What happens in the darkest places of Gotham City?

Jim Corrigan has found a profession that suits him best, a detective focused on the strangest events that occur in this terrifying city. That couldn't be more true once that they find out that there's horrible being threatening children's lives.

Some thoughts about Futures End #30

Can Green Arrow and his team survive the attack of Brother Eye?

Oliver has decided to save all the people he can despite that this might be completely out of his possibilities. Sadly, not all of them will be able to escape.

Some thoughts about Catwoman #36

Can Catwoman become a crime lord without being corrupted?

Selina is getting into a dangerous new territory for her and other people might not like the way how this is changing her and for that reason they will try to remind her who she truly is.

Some thoughts about Justice League Dark #36

Can the Justice League Dark live through the end of the world?

Nightmare Nurse, Frankenstein, Andrew Bennett and Swamp Thing are currently trapped in a world where everything died and the only thing that survived was a monstrous Felix Faust.

Some thoughts about Red Lanterns #36

Guy Gardner is tired of playing with Gods.

Guy has decided to go in a mission on his own to try to stop the current threat. However, Simon Baz knows how suicidal this sounds and that Guy needs all the help he can get.

Some thoughts about Superman #36

Ulysses has decided he wants to create a perfect world no matter the cost.

Clark can do nothing but watch how the people of earth are trying to desperately go with Ulysses based on his promises. Unfortunately, things might not actually get better for them.

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Impreviews for November 26th 2014

Quick impreviews go!

G.I. Zombie #4 Preview

Red Lanterns #36 Preview

The Flash #36 Preview

Futures End #30 Preview

Superman #36 Preview

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Some thoughts about The Multiversity: Pax Americana #1 (Vlog)

Some thoughts about Loki: Agent of Asgard #8

Can Loki escape from his destiny?

Just as many heroes from earth, Loki has suffered from the attack of the Red Skull and now he believes himself to be completely redeemed and a person pure of heart. Nonetheless, this can't last.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #36

Can Wonder Woman handle all the responsibilities she has at hand?

Diana has suffered a lot in recent times due to all the events that have happened. The tension of the constant battles is coming to her and is about to get worse.

Some thoughts about Daredevil #10

Daredevil will have to face one of his biggest fears.

The Purple Man is back and he's ready to get vengeance for what they children did to him but even if Matt is able to defeat him, that doesn't mean that he will recover from this encounter.

Some thoughts about Earth 2: World's End #7

The Wonders of world continue to fight for their lives.

Batman and his group will need to battle against of failed clones of Superman. Green Lantern tries to reunite with his lover. Apokolips is approaching.

Some thoughts about Superman/Wonder Woman #13

What are the differences between Superman and Wonder Woman?

Despite that they have been together for a while, Clark and Diana still have to work some aspects from their relationship, especially the ones considering the supervillains that wants them dead.

Some thoughts about Batman and Robin #36

Batman will need to fight against one of the worst hells imaginable to find his son.

Red Robin, Batgirl and Red Hood have decided to help Bruce in his mission despite of how desperate and dangerous it could be and it's about to get worse once that they find the ruler of Apokolips.

Some thoughts about Futures End #29

What is the fate of Firestorm?

Ronnie has commited a lot of mistakes during his life and he's ready to correct them but unfortunately it could be too late.

Some thoughts about Red Hood and the Outlaws #36

The Red Hood will have to implement new weapons to try to save Starfire.

Jason has been using Venom to enhance his abilities so he can save Kory who has been losing control of her own actions. Meanwhile, Roy's life remains in peril and Oliver Queen and him will need to talk about it.

Some thoughts about Batwoman #36

Whatever happened to Batwoman?

A lot of things have been happening in Kate's life recently and one of the most important is that she's now the Nocturna's girlfriend which can only cause problems for everybody.

Some thoughts about Trinity of Sin #2

Can the Trinity of Sin fight against their differences to stop the current threat?

Nimraa, the Servant of the Shadows is decided to make earth into a dark planet. Now, Pandora, The Phantom Stranger and The Question will need to join forces and battle their own demons to try to defeat her.

Some thoughts about Green Lantern: New Guardians #36

What are Highfather's intentions with the Life Equation?

Kyle has been overwhelmed by the power of the White Ring and he thinks that the best decision is to give it to Highfather. However, this might not be such a good idea.

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #4

Can Red Robin defeat a superpowered android?

Tim is currently trapped in S.T.A.R. Labs along with Algorithm, a creature created by them and whose only purpose is to solve their problems which is exactly what Manchester Black wants.

Some thoughts about Justice League #36

What is the Amazo Virus and how can the Justice League stop it?

One of the most recent attacks against Lex Luthor has released a disease that could kill every human on earth and now the team will need to stop it no matter if this puts their own lives in risk.