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Superman/Wonder Woman #17 Preview

Convergence #0 Preview

Gotham Academy: Endgame #1 Preview

Batwoman Annual #2 Preview

Harley Quinn #16 Preview

Wonder Woman #40 Preview

Futures End #48 Preview

miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2015

Some thoughts about The Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1 (Vlog)

Some thoughts about Daredevil #14

Daredevil won't hide himself anymore.

Matt has decided to not try to fool anyone anymore and simply be himself even when he's fighting criminals. However, the arrival of a new enemy will make him realize that his problems are not over.

Some thoughts about G.I. Zombie #8

The mission is finally over.

Both Jared and Carmen will have to work together if they want to accomplish their objective of stopping the terrorist group. Will they be able to survive?

Some thoughts about The Flash #40

A Flash's life is about to end.

Barry is still trapped in the Speed Force while his future-self has finally realized the mistakes he made. Now both will have to work together if they want to defeat their common enemy and even then, things are just about to get worse.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #40

The final battle between Aquaman and his mother is ending.

Arthur has no possibility to against the forces of Atlanna, fortunately he has Mera and the rest of the ocean on his side. Will he be able to convince his mother to stop the attack?

Some thoughts about Infinity Man and the Forever People #9

Who is the Infinity Man?

After all the troubles that Big Bear has suffered, he's ready to know what is the secret behind all the events that have been happening since the beginning. However, he will soon realize that this is not the end.

Some thoughts about Transformers: Windblade #1

The world of Caminus is about to suffer the attack of the Combiners.

Windblade is the only being who can make both the people of Cybertron and Caminus to work together if they want to stop this battle that is threatining their whole race. Is she able to accomplish her mission?

Some thoughts about Justice League Dark #40

The Justice League Dark will face its final fate.

After all the terrible encounters they have suffered, Zatanna starts thinking that she might not be the right fit for the House of Mystery and there's only one person who is right for it.

Some thoughts about Earth 2: World's End #25

The end is nigh indeed.

The forces of Earth 2 are getting destroyed one by one and now the only remaining hero is Green Lantern, will he be enough to stop Darkseid?

Some thoughts about Futures End #47

Their final fate is getting near.

Tim Drake adopts a new identity. Batman continues to fight against his own creation. Brother Eye's attack is getting worse.

Some thoughts about Secret Origins #11

Meet the different origins from these heroes from a new perspective.

What is Guy Gardner's fate? What is the true origin of John Constantine? How did Black Canary gained her name?

Some thoughts about Red Lanterns #40

Guy Gardner thinks that he can save the world from the rage but is that all true?

With the help of his sister, Guy is trying to protect the people from the influence of the red ring. However, she will make him learn that's not the only way to save humanity.

Some thoughts about Catwoman #40

Selina is about to strike back.

The different mob organizations from Gotham City are starting to develope a plan to take down Selina and her family and if she wants to win this war she will need to get her own allies as well as doing the work by herself.

Some thoughts about Gotham Academy #6

Olive is about to learn more about the mysteries of her mother.

Killer Croc has more information about Sybil's fate but unfortunately, Batman is against him being inside of Gotham Academy. Not all it's what it appears to be though, since Batman himself might also have some secrets to reveal.

Some thoughts about The Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1

The end of our world is nigh.

In an universe where superheroes don't exist, humanity is forced to create its own in the form of Ultra Comics a being who represents the best and worst from the comics genre. However, everything that Ultra was lead to believe was actually fake and the most terrible being that has been threateninig the multiverse is behind it.

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Catwoman #40 Preview

Transformers: Windblade #1 Preview

Futures End #47 Preview

Infinity Man and the Forever People #9 Preview

Justice League Dark #40 Preview

Earth 2: World's End #25 Preview

G.I. Zombie #8 Preview

The Flash #40 Preview

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Some thoughts about Batgirl: Endgame #1 (Vlog)

Some thoughts about Batgirl #40 (Vlog)

Some thoughts about Batwoman #40

Nocturna's control over Kate is about to end.

Alice is decided to make her sister come back to her senses no matter what could happen. Meanwhile, Kate is about to learn that her whole relationship with Nocturna was even worse than she could imagine.

Some thoughts about All-New Captain America #5

Baron Zemo is about to unleash his wrath to the world.

Sam is still in a brutal battle against Zemo and he won't be able to beat him on his own. Even if he manages to survive there are bigger problems still coming and one of his loved ones might not survive.

Some thoughts about Loki: Agent of Asgard #12

How can Loki escape from his fate?

Loki is currently being tortured by his future-self by reminding him that no matter how much he changes, he will always be the same and that could be the worst that happens to him.

Some thoughts about Transformers #39

One of the greatest battles in Cybertron is about to start.

The Enigma of Combination has been retrieved and Starscream is planning to use it in his favor. Now, we the help of Swindle he's planning to continue the project that started on Earth a few years ago.

Some thoughts about Futures End #46

The inevitable is about to happen.

Firestorm is dealing with the ramifications of her transformation. Fifty-Sue and her group get rid of their problems. One of the heroes sacrifice himself.

Some thoughts about Earth 2: World's End #24

Darkseid is here.

The people of Earth 2 are trying to escape. Dick Grayson has to abandon his son again. The last of hope is Power Girl.