miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Runaways #9

The Runaways are about to suffer changes.

Doombot has come back for Victor while Molly is having doubts about getting older which could cause problems for one of their new members.

Surprised about how enjoyable this still is.

Rainbow Rowell delivers a new chapter where she continues the team dynamics along with solid characterization. If there's something that I can appreciate about this run is how much the group resembles a family which is something that I've been missing from these characters for a while, the interactions between all of them are entertaining and shows how much they care for each other. Sure, not all of this is positive since Karolina's relationship with Julie is becoming more complicated considering that the latter is an outsider which brings the classic drama that you should expect.

The idea about not growing up is solidly depicted in Molly due to the new option she has been given and the writer explores that angle in a logical way since Molly has always been seen as a cute kid and not much beyond that which creates good character development and an interesting twist at the end.

Kris Anka handles the art and is still beautiful thanks to expressive characters and semi-cartoony style.

Pretty entertaining. Sure, there's not a lot of plot development but what we have is pretty good.

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