miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Super Sons #16

Are the Super Sons over?

The Justice League has been captured by Kid Amazo and now is up to both Jon and Damian to find a way to save them before is too late.

This series has come to an end. Since the beginning, both Peter Tomasi and Jorge Jimenez have delivered one of the most energetic and entertaining books that I've read which easily made it my favorite young superhero title in recent years and while Jimenez is no longer here, this still manages to be a satisfying conclusion.

Tomasi's implementation of the Justice League as part of the story is definitely appropriate since it shows the growth that the protagonists have endured over the course of the series and puts them at the same level of the World's Greatest Superheroes which is also addressed in the story in really fun ways.

Speaking of fun, this also manages to be a pretty comedic read at times thanks to the classic enjoyable interactions between Jon and Damian which deliver fun line after fun line and makes this fight much more lighthearted than it actually is.

About the story, is typical closing time material but at the same time, Tomasi is preparing readers for the upcoming Adventures of the Super Sons series which is heavily based on the future and so should be pretty interesting to see.

Carlo Barberi and Brent Peeples share art duties and their work is consistent overall with the best part coming from Barberi due to his expressive characters and fluid style.

Solid finale, can't wait for more.

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