miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Green Lanterns #47

The Green Lanterns will have to work together to escape.

Singularity Jain has made Jess fall for her own fears and now she needs the help of her partner to remind her who she really is.

Pretty satisfying conclusion overall.

Tim Seeley arrives with the final chapter of this arc by delivering solid characterization as a whole. The interactions between the protagonists is what makes this issue shine thanks to the good understanding of who they are, how important and how much they care for each other which is shown in really solid and personal moments.

The rest of the Justice League also get decent scenes of characterization (although it follows the classic melodramatic scene of the death of Batman's parents) but the real star here is Constantine due that Seeley really loves to write him as a guy who totally realizes how big of a douche he is and yet tries to the right thing. They all work together for a pretty appropriate defeat of the main antagonist.

V. Ken Marion remains in art duties and his work is still pretty solid thanks to the expressive characters and kinetic action.

Solid read, excited for more.

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