miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Justice League: No Justice #3

The Justice League might not be enough.

Around the universe, the different teams of heroes trying to protect the people and their planets but the attack of the Omega Titans are making this impossible.

Well, this is pretty much more of the same sadly.

Scott Snyder, Joshua Williamson and James Tynion offer the penultimate chapter of this event by once again delivering a ton and I mean, A TON of exposition. The overwritten narration is present n many scenes, even the ones focusing on the big fights, this is especially obvious at the beginning where Vril Dox explains what could be his father's true intention which mind you, is essential to the plot but I still believe there were better ways to reveal it.

Also, this mostly served as an interlude to the final fight since what happened here is pretty much what happened in the last issue aside from a few enjoyable moments like Starro's role in the story and mostly because his personality is funny, not necessarily appropriate considering that a sarcastic voice is not logical for an alien being but still funny enough.

Riley Rossmo and Marcus To handle the art and their work is really good, particularly during Rossmo's segments thanks to this creative storytelling.

Still underwhelming, not sure what to expect at the end.

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