miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about The Wild Storm #13

War is coming.

People are starting to get murderer and an alien invasion that has been kept secret all this time is about be revealed.

As I mentioned before, I was praying that this issue would finally progress some of the plot considering the delays and thankfully it did.

Warren Ellis brings a new chapter where he explores several segments at the same time. The installment opens with a murder mystery that immediately changes the game for the biggest organizations in the world while the appearance of Henry Bendix is always a delight thanks to his fun personality and his threat continues to increase.

In terms of plot progression, it's mostly based on the role that John Lynch plays here and how his previos experiments damaged his own people permanently and how all of this is connected to the Daemonites who are planning their next attack.

Jon Davis-Hunt's artwork remains stellar thanks to the great storytelling and expressive characters.

Solid read, hope the next one doesn't take too long to release this time.

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