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Some thoughts about Deadpool 2

How can Deadpool keep living without the most important person in his life?

Everything seemed to go well in Wade's life to the point where he was even planning his future but once that his dangerous career goes after his loved ones, he will have to follow a terrible path where monsters and even people from the future are awaiting for him.

Here we go again.

As you might remember, I ended-up being pleasently surprised by the original Deadpool movie which is nothing short of shocking after how little faith I had with 20th Century Fox and all of their multiple failures not only concerning the character but also many other properties. Sure, the film was not perfect, sometimes it felt like some of the jokes clashed with the most serious moments and while the current movie suffers from some of those flaws as well, as a whole I believe that Director David Leitch has done a wonderful job at improving everything that was good from the first entry.

The story opens in a pretty comedic way as expected based on Wade's wacky and bloody adventures as a mercenary which brings back most of the cast from the previous film and also builds-up his relationship with Vanessa who decided to go back with him after the events of the previous movie. And this where everything goes wrong since Wade's job inevitably caused Vanessa's death and pushed him to try to find another reason to live which leads him to the X-Men, an unstable young mutant and his partner in crime from the comics, Cable.

To be honest, is hard to talk about the plot without mentioning all the hilarious scenes that follow. The relationship between Wade and Vanessa was both touching and entertaining at the same time which helps to believe the actions that Wade would take after it. Things get even more hysterical once that Wade goes to the X-Men for help which includes the lovable Colossus and the sarcastic Negasonic Teenage Warhead, there's even a classic Deadpool 4th wall-breaking moment where Wade questions why they're the only X-Men who appear whenever he's there only to have a little scene where the rest of the actual X-Men appear with Beast closing the door so Wade can't see them, easily one of the best parts of the movie.

The story touches a few serious topics though. The depression that Wade suffers is not the only real issue that we see since once that we're introduced to Firefist, the plot also presents a theme where young people are being tortured and even molested simply for being different which also reveals a bigger connection between Firefist and Wade and gives the protagonist much more complexity.

It's also necessary to mention the appearance of Cable who, just like in the comics, comes from the future to prevent a big disaster, this time is connected to Firefist and how he could become a mass murderer if someone doesn't stop him. This plot-point automatically puts him in conflict with Wade in a pretty logical way and speaking as a fan of their interactions, I must say that the whole team completely nailed their dynamic and makes each and every of their scenes a joy to watch.

The battle eventually leads to the creation of X-Force and this is something that I have been waiting for a while but of course the movie took a pretty dark twist with it, one that I genuinely wasn't expecting and while it was funny, it was also a little disappointing and gross since I enjoy characters like Shatterstar.

All of this escalates quickly to the inevitable end where Firefist tries to take revenge on the people who made his life hell and reunites all the cast for a final fight where, let's just say that it's satisfying in most aspects.

About the flaws of the movie, I feel like the jokes were too abundant at times just like in the first one and there wasn't much time to breath even the most serious and depressing moments. There were also a few jokes which went for far too long, particularly the one concerning Wade's apparent death but aside from that, not much to complaint about.

The cast is stellar once again. Ryan Reynolds continues to have the role of his life as Deadpool, is clearly a passion project for him and he enjoys every second of it. Josh Brolin as Cable is a nice fit since he nails the dark and cold tone of the character. Julian Dennison as Firefist was a nice fit and an unique take on superheroes since we rarely see an overweight character in this kind of role. Zazie Beetz portrays Domino and she's solid choice for the heroine and every scene she appears on complements the tone of the story really well. Stefan Kapičić reprises his role as Colossus and he's even more important and hilarious here, especially in every scene where he interacts with Wade. Negasonic Teenage Warhead, once again played by Brianna Hildebrand, doesn't have as much relevance here sadly but at least we learn more about her thanks to her relationship with Yukio (Shioli Kutsuna).

I should expand more about the 4th wall-breaking jokes. It seems like Reynolds is having a great time with them and exploited them even further than in the first flick. The way how he constantly references that Cable is not the same tall guy from the comics and even Brolin's own role as Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War is nothing short of amusing. Things go even more over-the-top towards the end credits where he shows his previous roles in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern what he thinks about them and really, I think everyone pretty much agrees with him here.

Overall, this is definitely a must watch for people who enjoy black humour and superhero movies. It exploits both genres really well and mixes them even better than the last offer. I really hope that this franchise continues to improve, I'm not kidding when I say that it might be the best movie featuring mutants that I've seen.

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