Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Some thoughts about Superwoman #17

Superwoman will need to find the courage to save her city.

Midnight is threatening to consume Metropolis and all of Lana's loved ones, that's unless she's able to gain the strength to face her.

Some thoughts about All-New Wolverine #28

Wolverine's family are being hunted.

Laura, Daken and Gabby will have to find out a way to defeat the Orphans of X but they might be too late at this point.

Some thoughts about Mister Miracle #5

Can Mister Miracle escape death again?

Scott has been sentenced to death and now he's going to spend the little time he has left with Big Barda and both will have to realize what's the only way out.

Some thoughts about Michael Cray #3

Michael Cray will have to save the world from superheroes.

A man named Barry Allen is murdering inventors around the world and is up to Michael to figure the real reason behind.

Some thoughts about Red Hood & the Outlaws #17

The Outlaws and the Suicide Squad working together is going as well as expected.

Jason and his friends are trying to help Waller's team with a mission that could save millions, that's of course if they don't kill each other in the process.

Some thoughts about Runaways #4

The Runaways will have recruit a member who refuses to run.

Molly has been living very happily with her grandmother and not even the return of her old friends might be enough to make her leave.

Some thoughts about Titans #18

Donna Troy will have to face her future.

Troia is decided to make her world a reality by getting rid of all her former friends, that is unless one of her loved ones return.

Some thoughts about Batgirl & the Birds of Prey #17

The men of Gotham City are about to get eradicated.

The Daughters are about kill half the population of the city unless the Birds of Prey find a cure for the virus.

Some thoughts about New Super-Man #18

The New Super-Man will have to find the balance to win.

Kenan is feeling lost without I-Ching but he will soon realize that everything that he has been looking for has been in him all this time.

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #20

Has the Justice League met their match?

Prometheus is about to beat the entire team and they're about to find something terrible about one of them.

Some thoughts about Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #34

What are the Controllers' plans?

The Guardians of the Universe have been captured and is up to the Green Lantern Corps to figure out where they are.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #36

Can Wonder Woman find hope in this situation?

Jason has betrayed Diana and now Darkseid's plans are coming together but she might still have an ally to depend on.

Some thoughts about The Flash #36

Is The Flash ready to face one of his biggest cases yet?

A inmate of Iron Heights has been murdered and Barry will have to investigate who did it but that might be just a distraction for what is about to come.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Highly anticipating in December 13th 2017

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Recommendations from the week December 6th 2017

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Some thoughts about The Jetsons #2

Humanity is collapsing.

People are trying to live their lives despite of the circunstances but different anomalies will put the entire race in peril.

Some thoughts about Dastardly & Muttley #4

Can a man and his dog save the world?

The whole planet is getting crazier and not even their leaders are safe. Is up to Dastardly and Muttley to try to find a way to stop this from becoming a huge war.

Some thoughts about Batman: White Knight #3

Is Batman still able to protect Gotham City?

Bruce is about to lose one of his loved ones and that might push him towards the edge. Meanwhile, the Joker is gathering an bigger army to do his job.

Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #34 Preview

Runaways #4 Preview

All-New Wolverine #28 Preview

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Some thoughts about Iron Fist #75

The Iron Fist will have to save K'un-Lun.

Sabretooth is looking for clues about the Constrictor while Danny is trying to find a way to return to his former home but both things are not going to be easy.

Some thoughts about Hawkeye #13

Two Hawkeyes can be worse than one.

Clint and Kate are finally together again. Unfortunately, both will involve each other in their own problems.

Some thoughts about Nightwing #34

Bludhaven's fate in in Nightwing's hands.

Raptor's revenge is coming together and Dick will need everybody's help him save their home.

Some thoughts about Deathstroke #26

Deathstroke's old friends are returning as enemies.

Dr. Ikon is back from the dead and ready to enact his revenge on Slade but he's not going to let things go easy.

Some thoughts about Superman #36

Can Superman save Apokolips?

Clark and his family have finally been reunited in this doomed planet just in time to try to give something that its people has never experienced: Hope.

Some thoughts about DC Holiday Special 2017 #1

Is the most wonderful time of the year.

Everyone is celebrating the Holidays around the planet and do it the best way they can.

Some thoughts about Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands #2

Black Lightning's name has been tarnished.

Jefferson is being accused of a crime he didn't commited and now he will have to deal with the whole police force.

Some thoughts about Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #3

Can the girls from Gotham and Riverdale survive in different bodies?

Betty and Veronica have switched bodies with Harley and Ivy and all of them will have to get used to it despite of how weird their situation is.

Some thoughts about Green Arrow #35

Can Green Arrow save his city?

Ollie and his mother are trying to find the resources to defeat the Ninth Circle but their enemies continue to work against them.

Some thoughts about Green Lanterns #36

Is Bolphunga ready to live up to his reputation?

Singularity Jain is ready to fulfill her contract and both Simon and Jessica might not be able to stop her, that is unless one of them does what has to be done.

Some thoughts about Batman #36

The World's Finest together once again.

Batman is not sure if he should call Superman so he can finally meet his fiancee. However, he will soon be reminded why he trust him so much.

Some thoughts about Justice League #34

The Justice League is being overwhelmed.

Dealing with terrorists and natural disasters is something common for the team but one of them will start to suffer the consequences of it.