Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Some thoughts about Aquaman #29

Can Aquaman be the hero Atlantis needs?

Arthur has been escaping from his role as a King for a while but now he will have to remember that people still want him to be that person.

Some thoughts about Batwoman #8

Can Batwoman survive her own mind?

Kate has been trapped in an hallucination thanks to the Scarecrow and now she's forced to relive her past over and over again.

Some thoughts about The Wild Storm #8

Is the world ready to discover about its organizations?

Marlowe is ready to tell the truth but only barely and a strange encounter with a mysterious doctor might be the next big discovery.

Some thoughts about Transformers: Lost Light #10

What a time to be back to the Lost Light.

First Aid and his friends are trying to return to the ship only to discover that things are much different from before and in many cases for the worst.

Some thoughts about Nightwing #31

Nightwing will have to fight for his city.

Raptor is ready to take everyone in Bludhaven and even Blockbuster is having problems with him. Now Dick might be the next victim.

Some thoughts about Green Arrow #33

Green Arrow's trial begins here.

Oliver is back to Seattle and ready to face all the things left unsolved and that includes the return of someone really important to him.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #30

Is Harley Quinn ready to run for Mayor?

Harley's political career is going perfectly and it seems like nothing is going to stop her, that is unless the current Mayor does something drastic against her loved ones.

Some thoughts about Super Sons #9

The Super Sons will have to bring hope to a new world.

After being stranded in another universe, both Jon and Damian will have to find a way to save the children they've met and also teach them how to protect each other.

Some thoughts about Batman: The Drowned #1

Can the Batwoman drown the world?

Bryce Wayne has lost everything in her universe and now is ready to make the people culprit for it pay, or at least the people she believes are culprit.

Some thoughts about Superman #33

Can the Supermen work together?

Both Clark and Lex seem to be finally in good terms but that might not last long once that people of Apokolips return for one of their rulers.

Some thoughts about Titans #16

The Titans have just lost a member.

Wally West is dead and the whole team will make Psimon and the rest pay for it without knowing that someone even more dangerous is coming.

Some thoughts about Trinity #14

The Trinity will have to fight personal demons now.

Bizarro, Red Hood and Superman have been possessed and now is up to both Bruce and Diana to save them but things can get only worse.

Some thoughts about Green Lanterns #33

Can the Green Lanterns deal with a new mission?

Simon and Jessica have been doing their best to protect Sector 2814 but nothing has prepared them for something even more terrifying, getting real jobs.

Some thoughts about Batman #33

Is Batman ready to get married?

Bruce has just proposed to Selina but before they take the next step, they will have to do a pretty dangerous mission to find an extremely dangerous person.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Batwoman #8 Preview

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #16

Can the Justice League stop the end of the world?

The Atom has found out a secret in the Microverse along with a new enemy that could mean the end of everything he has worked for.

Some thoughts about All-New Wolverine #25

Wolverine's family is in danger.

Daken has been kidnapped by a mysterious group and now is up to Laura to find out what happened to him but she might find more than she anticipated.

Some thoughts about Ms. Marvel #23

Ms. Marvel will have to teach how her country works to an old friend.

Red Dagger has arrived to America and the differences between Kamala and him might make working together much harder.

Some thoughts about Runaways #2

Can the Runaways be reunited?

Gert has come back to life only to find that everything is pretty different and her friends are not together anymore and there might be even worse things coming.

Some thoughts about Detective Comics #966

What is the future of Tim Drake?

Tim is trying to escape from his prison along with a future version of himself but he soon will realize that he might be with the most dangerous person around.

Some thoughts about Batgirl & the Birds of Prey #15

Can the Birds of Prey save the men in their lives?

There's a virus going around that is only infecting men and now is up to the team to find what is causing it but they will need more help to do so.

Some thoughts about Michael Cray #1

Can Michael Cray change the world?

Michael has always been used to follow other people's orders and this time is no different since he has been asked to deal with his next target, Oliver Queen.

Some thoughts about Optimus Prime #11

Can the Cybertronians find peace on Earth?

Aileron is having doubts about Optimus Prime's mission and the rest of her group are even worse at that. Now she will have to keep them all together.

Some thoughts about New Superman #16

Is the New Superman destined to be the Emperor of China?

Kenan has been lost in a mysterious point of the past and there he will learn about All-Yang and his plans for the entire nation.

Some thoughts about Red Hood & the Outlaws #15

Can the Oulaws face Batman's team?

Batwoman and her group are starting to consider the Outlaws as a danger and now they're ready to take on all of them no matter the cost.

Some thoughts about Mister Miracle #3

What is Darkseid?

Scott is being called by the New Gods to stop Darkseid and his forces but the enemy might be closer than anyone could have thought.

Some thoughts about Dark Nights: Metal #3

Can the Justice League defeat the Dark Multiverse?

Clark can hear Bruce calling him and he's ready to find him no matter what but the road will bring more deaths than expected.

Some thoughts about The Flash #32

Welcome to Iron Heights.

Barry has been transfered to work in one of the worst prisons in the world and his arrival will come with a few surprises for everyone.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #32

Who is Wonder Woman's brother?

Diana has just learned about the death of Hercules but the fallen hero might have more secrets than she expected.

Some thoughts about Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #30

Can Hal Jordan fight against his greatest fear again?

Hal has been called back to Earth after the recent encounter that Superman had with Sinestro and things could be even worse than he imagined.