miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Deathstroke #31

Deathstroke and Batman's war continues.

Bruce is investigating about where Slade is going currently but what he doesn't know is that Slade is looking for someone connected to him.

This encounter is getting more and more interesting.

Christopher Priest offers a new installment where he explores more about the similarities between Batman and Deathstroke. The parallels between the two is once again solidly depicted thanks to the perspectives of their respective sons while their family lives and origins are also compared in a way that shows more complexity about both characters.

The parallels don't stop there since it was also pretty cool to see both Alfred and Wintergreen interact in a logical manner that shows more about both "butlers". The investigation both protagonists offer reveals more interesting and surprising aspects about the plot and one in particular seems pretty shocking at the end.

Carlo Pagulayan and Roberto Viacara share art duties and their work is really good looking thanks to the beautiful and detailed characters and strong storytelling.

Great read, hope that twist at the end pays off.

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