miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2015

Some thoughts about Batman: Europa #3

Batman and the Joker are running out of time.

The person who has infected both of them is causing deaths everywhere and their own lives are getting in danger.

Some thoughts about The Flash #47

The mysteries about Zoom are finally revealed.

What are the reasons behind Eobard Thawne's constant attacks against Barry Allen and his family?

Some thoughts about Superman/Wonder Woman #24

Superman and Wonder Woman will have to work alonside the Parasite to survive.

Vandal Savage's son is getting more and more power, and Clark and Diana will have to stop him by any means necessary but this might not be the end of their problems.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn and Power Girl #6

Harley and Power Girl's adventures are about to end, just to begin once again.

Vartox has promised to help them return to Earth but only if Kara marries him. However, they will soon realize that Vartox might be an even worse husband than they thought.

Some thoughts about Omega Men #7

Kyle Rayner is tired of playing along.

The Omega Men have been manipulating Kyle all this time but he might be smarter than they initially thought. However, they all will need to work together if they want to save everything.

Some thoughts about Superman: Lois and Clark #3

Superman's past is after his family.

Just after he arrived to the this new dimension, Clark was forced to face a pretty powerful madman and now in the present, the connection between them is about to threaten everyone.

Some thoughts about Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2

Springer is back but he will need to find the strenght to find again.

The Wreckers are reunited to find Prowl but what they don't know is that the people who have captured him might be more dangerous than they expected and they could even know more than they think.

Some thoughts about All-New Wolverine #3

Wolverine will have to save herself in every conceivable way.

Laura has gotten to know her clones and is not willing to let Taskmaster or the organization that is going after them to hurt them. However, she will need some help if she wants to save them.

Some thoughts about Superman Annual #3

Vandal Savage's past is finally revealed.

From the beginning of time, Savage has been searching for the source that gave him immortality in the first place and now he's pretty close to find it.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #47

The Cheetah has arrived to Themyscira and is up to Wonder Woman to stop her.

Barbara Minerva is looking for the Eye of Antiope due that she believes it can give her immortality and Diana will have to use all of her wisdom to prevent that from happening.

Some thoughts about Doctor Fate #7

Will Khalid be able to survive the wrath of God?

Anubis has defeated Khalid and not even the Helmet of Fate might be able to save him so if he wants to defeat the dark deity he will need the help of another one.

Some thoughts about Black Canary #6

It's the battle of the bands for the fate of Ditto.

Black Canary will be forced to fight against Bo Maeve either with music or with her fist for the sake of one of her youngest friends. However, they will soon realize that something even more bizarre is happening.

Some thoughts about Justice League #47

The Justice League is facing one of its worst moments.

Superman has been corrupted and is threatening to kill everyone. Meanwhile, the team believes that the Crime Syndicate knows the way to defeat the Anti-Monitor and if they all want to survive they will need to work together.

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All-New Wolverine #3 Preview

Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2 Preview

Highly anticipating in December 30th 2015

In the following order:

Recommendations from the week December 23rd 2015

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Swamp Thing #1 Preview

Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #2 Preview

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Doctor Fate #7 Preview

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #15

The Teen Titans will need to escape from the madness of war.

The team apparently can get a rest since after spending a time fighting against Manchester Black, they find themselves threatened by the bizarre Professor Pyg and his creations.

Some thoughts about Patsy Walker: AKA Hellcat #1

Hellcat needs to escape from her past and live her life the best way she can.

Patsy Walker might not be the most powerful or popular superheroine but she's decided to help others her way and more importantly, get an actual job.

Some thoughts about Deathstroke #13

Deathstroke needs to find his children no matter what.

Slade thinks that the monster who is attacking the Suicide Squad has something to do with Rose and Jericho's disappearance and he's willing to learn everything he knows.

Some thoughts about Titans Hunt #3

The Titans are slowly starting to remember and that could be for the worse.

After being attacked by both Garth and Donna Troy, Dick will realize that it's almost like he has known them for years. Meanwhile, a strange sound is starting to affect everyone involved.

Some thoughts about Justice League 3001 #7

The Justice League is about to suffer yet another change.

Several members of the team have died and now is up to the remaining ones to keep fighting no matter if the odds are against them.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #47

Aquaman and the Justice League are ready to save Atlantis.

After realizing he needs help after all this time, Arthur is planning to save Mera and defeat Siren once for all. However, things might not go the way he planned.

Some thoughts about Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2

Batman has been captured but which one?

Carrie Kelley has been caught by the law but this might not last for long. Meanwhile, The Atom will realize that by trying to help the city of Kandor, he might have commited the biggest mistake of his life.

Some thoughts about Transformers: Holiday Special #1

It's the most wonderful time of the year around the universe.

Starscream wants to create a day where people can praise him but it won't end the way he expects it. Swerve, Nautica and Whirl are about to receive the biggest gift of all. Thundercracker is telling his own story the best he can.

Some thoughts about Transformers: More than Meets the Eye #48

Skids can't remember all the details about his past, that might be for the better though.

Rung is currently helping Skids to try to recover his memories but the recent arrival of an old colleague will put the therapy on hold and also could be dangerous for everyone.

Some thoughts about Daredevil #2

Tenfingers is expanding his control over the city.

Daredevil is trying to train his new partner Blindspot but the kid is not making things easy. However, both will need to work together if they want to stop the threat that is affecting everyone.

Some thoughts about Sinestro #18

Sinestro is about to launch his secret weapons.

The Priests of Nothingness are currently threatening the whole universe and is up to the Sinestro Corps to stop them but to do so, they will need to recruit new members.

Some thoughts about Superman #47

It's time for Superman to end this.

Clark has been fighting along with several strange metahumans to stop Hordr-Root and save Jimmy but he soon will realize that there's someone even more dangerous controlling him.

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #6

It's the Justice League against the fury of a God once again.

Rao is expanding his influence around the world but Superman and the rest of the team has finally realized his true nature and ready to stop them despite that the odds are against them.

Some thoughts about Cyborg #6

What's the next step for Cyborg?

After fighting for so long, Victor has finally found the solution to stop the technobeings that are attacking the world but by doing so, he will reveal one of his biggest secrets.