miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about The Flash #47

Who is going to take The Flash family to war?

The Renegades are coming from the future to arrest Iris West but nobody realizes that this might be a much more powerful person behind these orders.

Flash War officially begins and is pretty interesting so far although not perfect.

Joshua Williamson opens this storyline by immediately working on the differences between Barry and Wally, about how both handle their problems in different ways. This is pretty fitting considering the whole theme of the arc and Williamson gets what makes each character unique for the most part.

There are a few issues though. I feel like the conflict between The Flashes and the Renegades escalated a bit too quickly, particularly from Wally's side which is understandable considering everything that has been happening but I still feel like things went this mostly to justify the typical forced fight between sides.

That being said, the references continue to be good, particularly how Williamson addresses even characters from the New 52 like Daniel West as the Reverse-Flash and is appropriate considering his relationship with New 52 Wally. The ending is also quite exciting considering what is teasing.

Howard Porter's artwork is perfect for this thanks to his kinetic style and history with these characters.

Solid read, hope the next one is even better.

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