miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about The Flash #46

The past, present and future keep changing.

Wally's memories are becoming to erratic and an old enemy from the future will have to force him to take a path to war.

Well, this was a pretty solid set-up although not without flaws.

Joshua Williamson properly begins the big event of this book, Flash War, by creating a prologue that explains the reasons behind. The characterization is pretty solid, particularly from Wally's perspective due that he has to deal with his always altering memories and this brings interesting references for old fans like Wally remembering that Cyborg used to have a gold body at one point and that there was a Flash Museum in the last continuity. Barry also gets solid moments based on the current situation.

Hunter Zolomon/Zoom also receives part of the spotlight and gives him a decent enough justification for his current action. The best part of this is that Williamson is pretty much following the events from the first Flash: Rebirth book written by Geoff Johns where Hunter and Thawne were going to team-up but Johns never developed them due to the upcoming reboot, this allows readers to finally have a satisfying resolution to that plot-point. That being said, the way how Hunter keeps repeating the whole "tragedy" theme gets pretty annoying, sure, that's his whole schtick but I wish the writing was subtler.

Scott Kolins handles the art and he's perfect here considering his involvement in the creation of Zoom and even manages to draw again iconic moments from his first run.

Good beginning, hope it continues this way.

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