miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Aquaman #36

Atlantis might be destroyed by their own King.

Corum Rath has become a monster and now is threatening everyone around him. Now is up to Arthur and his people to stop the insane ruler.

This is pretty much an issue that is preparing us for the end but gets the job done at least.

Dan Abnett is apparently about to conclude this storyarc and setting-up the pieces for the proper final chapter. The characterization is pretty solid since we see the different perspectives about this situation, particularly from both Arthur and Murk and how the loyalty of the latter always resides on Atlantis. I have to appreciate how much depth this run has gave to Murk, it has made him a much more interesting character as a whole.

The rest of the cast also plays an important role since they're contributing to Rath's defeat while also exploring some of the interesting supernatural concepts Abnett introduced before. That being said, this is still pure set-up and the story doesn't progress much as a whole which makes the chapter feel pretty light in content.

Riccardo Federici remains in art duties and his work still delivers the same fantasy feel and precise storytelling this arc requires.

Good but too short, hope we finally get some resolution here.

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