miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Green Lanterns Annual #1

What is the story behind the Lost Lantern?

Simon and Jessica have to make a speech in the name of one of the greatest heroes in the Corps but what they don't know is that there's more about this legend than they think.

An one-and-done oversized story and I think this is pretty fitting for the series.

Andy Diggle is a name that I haven't heard in a while in DC Comics but he still manages to tell a pretty interesting tale. The story is centered around the mystery of the Lost Lantern and what was his true fate, is a pretty compelling story that focuses on how alien culture works which is something that I wish was explored more often in this franchise, about how the beliefs of an entire race can clash with the beliefs of the Green Lantern Corps.

Best of all though, is that this Annual manages to deliver great characterization for both Simon and Jessica, showing their different strengths and weaknesses and their different perspectives about the whole situation and all of it seems on-point and quite entertaining. How they handle their speeches and the fight are my favorite parts.

Mike Persons handles the art and is really solid with a semi-realistic tone that gets the best from the most somber moments.

Good read, wouldn't mind more like this.

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