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Some thoughts about Prez #5

Prez will need to reattain the country's good name once for all.

Beth has been trying to understand the world of politics but still thinks there are more simple ways to deal with their problems like apologizing to those they did wrong and saving lives.

Some thoughts about We Are Robin #5

The Robins are in more danger than ever.

After losing some of their members, the team don't know if they should continue with their mission especially because of their misterious guide. However, they will have no choice but follow him if they want to survive the attack of a terrible monster.

Some thoughts about Deathstroke #11

Deathstroke needs to save his children even if he has to fight his old comrades.

Slade didn't leave the Suicide Squad in the best way last time and now he will be forced to battle them if he wants to know what happened to Rose and Jericho.

Some thoughts about Sinestro #16

Sinestro will need to meet one of the few friends he has.

Sinestro shared a bond with Black Adam during their last encounted and he's convinced that the ruler of Kahndaq can help him with his mission. However, he will soon learn that the connection they share might be even bigger.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #45

Aquaman has been sent into another planet, how will he be able to survive?

After being tricked by Siren. Arthur is currently in another civilization with a lot of similarities as his own. However, he will soon learn that their connection is even bigger.

Some thoughts about The Flash #45

The Reverse-Flash is becoming more and more dangerous.

Barry is trying to save everyone inside of Central City but he will need a bit of help to accomplish his mission. That's not his only problem though since Thawne is decided to get more power no matter the cost.

Some thoughts about Superman #45

Superman is ready to take some action at last.

After being manipulated for a while, Clark is ready to go after the people culprit of it but first he will need to get into some points.

Some thoughts about Justice League 3001 #5

There's a new Batman in town, one that could destroy the old one.

Bruce and Supergirl are being forced to fight a new Batman who is taking the job as seriously as the old one. That's not the only problem though since Lois Lane and the Injustice League are planning to attack at last.

Some thoughts about Justice League: Darkseid War: Batman #1

Batman has absolute power now, what will the fate of Gotham City be?

Bruce is currently being affected by the influence of the Mobius Chair and he's decided to stop crime before it even happens which might make him even face some of his old demons.

Some thoughts about Transformers: Redemption #1

The war is not over for some people.

Slug has been feeling terrible for a while due to the nature of his actions but he will have no time to think about it since there's a mission that only the Dinobots can take, one that could define the future for everyone.

Some thoughts about All-Star Section 8 #5

Six Pack will need to face the truth once for all.

Having another hallucination courtesy of the Phantom Stranger, Six Pack will have to meet his former friends as well as learning what is truly happening to him which might be the last thing he want to see.

Some thoughts about New Suicide Squad #13

The Suicide Squad continues to be at its worst.

Deadshot still complaints about the pain of his injuries, Harley continues to feel bad about being a murderer and Amanda Waller has to deal with all of that.

Some thoughts about Cyborg #4

People are coming from the future to try to prevent the present.

Cyborg has been threatened all this time by someone who he cares about but there's no time for him to worry about this situation since strange creatures are still attacking the whole world.

Some thoughts about Grayson #13

All the different organizations are against Dick Grayson, but fortunately he has also made good friends along the way.

Dick is currently being threatened by his own old partners and now he will need the help of his family if he wants to find the truth about someone who has a connection to all of them.

Some thoughts about Batgirl #45

Is Alysia's wedding day and Barbara couldn't be happier... until someone came back.

Dick Grayson has returned and that ironically could ruin the whole day for Barbara unless she decides not to play his game, what will her decision be?

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Prez #5 Preview

Aquaman #45 Preview

Justice League: Darkseid War: Batman #1 Preview

Cyborg #4 Preview

Deathstroke #11 Preview

Batgirl #45 Preview

Superman #45 Preview

The Flash #45 Preview

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Some thoughts about Doomed #5

Doomday is approaching.

Reiser is still not able to control his abilities and not even Superman might be able to help him. However, there are bigger matters at hand due that an even bigger monster is coming.

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #12

The Teen Titans are having one of their worst times yet.

Someone has been manipulating the team to make them start doubting each other and themselves and that person is connected to their own origin.

Some thoughts about Martian Manhunter #5

Who are the Martian Manhunter?

The threat of the Martians is increasing and the multiple personalities that J'onn created are starting to realize their own mission and they're decided to accomplish it no matter what.

Some thoughts about Superman/Wonder Woman #22

Superman and Wonder Woman are going through one of their worst moments.

After what happened with his friends, Clark doesn't know if he should trust Diana but he will need to if he wants to find the people culprit of the current attacks.

Some thoughts about Bizarro #5

Bizarro and Jimmy have end-up in jail and they actually deserve it.

After being convinced to stole tech from the military for money, Bizarro and Jimmy are currently incarcerated with some of the most terrible beings of the universe and their only way to escape will be with some extra help.

Some thoughts about Green Lantern: Lost Army #5

The Green Lanterns are dying and there might be no hope in sight.

John's group has been able to escape from their prisons but they will still have to face their capturers and if this could mean their end if they don't receive some help.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #45

Wonder Woman will have to stop the disasters that are happening in her life.

Aegeus is back to kill Diana and she doesn't know if she should fight him or not. Meanwhile Donna is about to lose control once that the person who has been helping her perishes.

Some thoughts about Astonishing Ant-Man #1

Ant-Man is back and he's in a worse place than ever.

Despite of saving his daughter's life, Scott can't help but feeling terribly after putting her in danger and things can only become more problematic for him once that his enemies start coming for revenge.

Some thoughts about Doctor Fate #5

Khalid will need to save his father no matter the cost.

A dark God is threatening the whole world and not even the power of Doctor Fate is enough to stop him. Now, to save his loved ones, Khalid will to pay a huge price.

Some thoughts about Gotham Academy #11

What will happen once that Olive finally meets her mother again?

The group has decided to learn more about Olive's mom and her own history with Batman. However, once that they explore Gotham for clues, they will be involved in something more dangerous than they could have imagined.

Some thoughts about Black Canary #5

Black Canary is about to meet her match.

Dinah is currently trying to learn who is going after Ditto while at the same time fighting against a mysterious fighter who she seems to recognize. Those are not her only problems though since Bo Maeve is on stage and that can only mean trouble.

Some thoughts about Titans Hunt #1

Whatever happened to the Teen Titans?

Dick Grayson and several other people can't help but feeling like they have forgotten something, something from early in their lives and they will have to learn it soon since someone is coming for them.