miércoles, 21 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Lobo/Road Runner #1

Can the Main Man defeat the fastest bird on Earth?

Strange experiments have been occurring on Earth that have caused animals to become more intelligent than before and now one of them has hired Lobo to defeat his mortal enemy.

The crossovers continue and sadly I don't think this worked that well for the most part.

Bill Morrison delivers a story about the origins of Willy E. Coyote and the Road Runner. I know I said before that I was enjoying these serious takes on the Looney Tunes but this might be a bit too serious and grim and gritty for its own good. It kinda reminds me of Wacky Raceland in that regard, trying too hard to be taken seriously by giving the characters a much darker tone which is pretty obvious due to the way how the classic cast is recreated.

There are a few good aspects like how the humour tries to be more cartoony and the inclusion of Lobo does support that theme when it tries to but at the same times clashes badly with the other serious parts. There isn't a middle ground here.

Kelley Jones handles the art and while his style is pretty interesting in its bizarre look, it also doesn't help the fluctuating identity of the story.

The second segment though, works much better due that is more cartoony-oriented in the classic Looney Tunes stories while making fun of such fact. Saida Temofonte's artwork is also pretty appropriate and faithful.

Not the best but not the worst, just in the middle.

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  1. For all the bitching by fanboys about New 52 Lobo, it doesn't seem like much has been improved with regular Lobo either.

    1. Yeah, that seems to be the case sadly.

      New 52 Lobo had potential but I didn't really how he was used by both Bennett and Bunn.

  2. I loved Bennett's take personally, just because it was a straight-up horror story and treated the character as a monster, which is fitting considering that that is pretty much what Lobo is - the complete antithesis to Superman. I would have LOVED it if Bennett had done the Lobo series instead of Bunn and see where she would have gone with the imposter storyline.
    Bunn's was interesting in certain areas, but I don't think Bunn was a good writer for Lobo. It was extremely different from the creature Bennnett was writing, and was kind of a hit-and-miss. It may be unfair of me to say, but it kind of seems like Bunn works well with certain characters but falters with others. What do you think?

    1. Bunn can write certain characters solidly, particularly villains (Magneto and Sinestro being good examples) but for others he simply fails.

      Bunn's Lobo wasn't really interesting at all, he didn't have any charm nor distinctive personality aside from "Badass Space Mercenary" and it didn't even pull that one well. Hell, I think Venditti did a better job with New 52 Lobo in a little scene from Green Lantern.