miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #18

What is the origin of the Cheetah?

Barbara believes that she has found a great opportunity thanks to the help of Veronica Cale but she might be just part of the plans of someone even more dangerous.

This issue had decent stuff but not without flaws.

Greg Rucka continues his story suited in the past, this time exploring the series of events that turned Barbara Ann into the Cheetah. The revelation and characterization are solid on their own with the motivations of all the members of the cast being depicted quite nicely making most of them pretty complex in their actions (particularly Veronica Cale) while the build-up to the final moments was nicely planned.

However, I still don't like this particular direction to the Cheetah due that it makes her kinda week in terms of character and not the ideal nemesis that someone like Diana requires.

Bilquis Evely handles the artwork and I love it, the characters are beautiful and expressive with a pretty clean style and strong storytelling.

Not bad but still not exactly the direction I wish for.

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